Youth ARTS Alive hosting Gathering for artists, students and teachers on Feb. 11 | Local News

Youth ARTS Alive is inviting all visual and performing artists, arts organizations, teachers and students to a visual and performing artists celebration in February.

There will be Mexican food, music and dancing, and an opportunity for performing and visual artists to meet. Youth ARTS Alive hires teaching artists for its free summer classes in dance, music, theater and visual arts and Mentors artists who want to learn to teach while paying them as interns.

“We thought if we had a big party and invited all the visual artists and all the Performing artists we would be able to find people who are looking for work,” said Gale McNeeley, founder of Youth ARTS Alive. “Say, for instance, whether a teacher wanted to work in painting or sculpting, or something to help support the careers of artists, but they don’t know how to get into that.”

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