WPA historic stonework found at Mishawaka’s Eberhart-Petro golf course

MISHAWAKA – Great Depression-era stonework has been unearthed at the Eberhart-Petro Golf Course for the second straight year, exposing the results of the historic Works Progress Administration program that provided jobs to millions of Americans in the midst of the depression.

Mayor Dave Wood announced in a recent social media post that an island, stone bridge, a fork of a creek and cobblestone paths were found during routine maintenance of Willow Creek by crews with the St. Joseph County Drainage Board.

About a year ago, stone walls built in the 1930s through the WPA on Hole No. 16, were discovered when an underground pipe that carried Willow Creek began to fail.

Newly Uncovered stonework from a 1930s WPA project sits among other exposed sections Tuesday at Eberhart-Petro Golf Course in Mishawaka.

Last year’s find:‘Hidden Treasure’: Stone wall built during the Great Depression unearthed at Mishawaka golf course

At the time, Wood asked county crews to dig up the pipe and open up the creek.

John Law, construction supervisor with the drainage board, said while the recent Discovery has historic significance, the dig at the golf course was done to service the flood control efforts there.

Crews spent three days about two weeks ago uncovering the work, Probing the ground to locate the WPA structures under the soil.

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