Women shine in athletics, cycling race

The runners competed in two races, a 10-kilometer run, as well as a 5km race while others competed in the 35-kilometer cycling race.

The race saw Rebeca Machele of Dar es Salaam emerge victorious after clocking 41.03 minutes while Neema Simion finished in the second position after clocking 41.10 minutes, Shameezr Mahi finished third after recording 44.36 minutes.

The fourth position was won by Mwanabaraka Haji who clocked 46.49 minutes, followed by fifth-placed Sia Kiwila, clocking 48.15 minutes.

In a 5km run, Sahat Tahir won the first position followed by Mariam Said in the second and Rosemary Haule in the third.

The fourth position was won by Hadija Msuya, Magreth Ally finished in the fifth position.

Apart from inspiring women to get involved in athletics, the race aimed at raising funds for buying sanitary towels for girls facing various challenges.

The event coordinator, Pilly Hussein, said their goal has been reached as many stakeholders donated sanitary towels that would be distributed to targeted girls.

The race also sought to gather women to discuss various issues towards International Women’s Day celebration.

“We believe, after the successful event, women would continue to corporate and exchange ideas while finding opportunities in day-to-day life,” Pilly said.

Last year’s event saw Rebeca Machege from Dar es Salaam win the 10km race after clock

Annika Stanley, also from Dar es Salaam, finished second after posting 52:56:11, and third place was won by Beatrice Edward, who finished at 53:04:02.


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