Woman completes cycling challenge, raises thousands for girl

A woman who vowed to cycle the length of Britain to raise funds for a girl with a rare condition has completed her goal and is now looking ahead to other challenges.

Tehyah, 11, has generalized arterial calcification of infancy, or GACI, an extremely rare genetic disorder where the person’s arteries thicken with calcium, making it harder for blood to travel.

Sarah’s feat was matched by Tehyah’s dad, Aaron Clarke, and she has managed to raise more than £ 3,000 on her JustGiving page.

Sarah, right, completing the cycling challenge outside of The Co-operative in Lees

She said: “Thank you to everyone for all their love and support, from everyone who shared our link to those who made large donations for what Tehyah needs to have a better quality of life.”

Sarah, who originally set a target of £ 500, is now aiming for £ 10,000 to help get Tehyah new equipment such as a wheelchair and bed.

She and a group of relatives will be walking a marathon on Saturday, March 19 from Fairview, near High Crompton to Donkeystone, via a lap of Dovestones, as they continue to encourage donations.

The Oldham Times: A map of the marathon Sarah and others will undertake, which people are invited to joinA map of the marathon Sarah and others will undertake, which people are invited to join

There will also be a fundraising event at Boarshurst Band Club on March 26 at 12pm, which will include a live auction and raffle and will be opened by Mayor Jenny Harrison.

Sarah said: “There is so much going on it’s crazy to think how my idea to lose weight by cycling only six weeks ago has snowballed so much.”

She also said she is looking for other physical challenges to take on as a means to raise funds for Tehyah and is open to suggestions.

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