WNCC instructors to be Featured in Performing Arts Faculty Recital

Prospective Western Nebraska Community College students and community members will soon get a chance to see the school’s Performing arts Faculty in action.

A WNCC Performing Arts Faculty Recital will be held on Sunday, Jan. 29, at 2 pm in the Judy Chaloupka Theater. The event is free to attend and will feature works for voice, clarinet, piano, and percussion.

“The music will all be classical, and in addition to that there will be a scene from ‘Antigone’ put on by Violette Briggs — our theater director — and her husband,” said WNCC Director of Bands Nathaniel Johnson. “This will be the first time we’ve had any theater involved in the Faculty recital.”

Johnson said that a Faculty recital had occurred several times throughout his 20-year tenure at the college, but that it did not become a consistent, annual event until spring of 2020.

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“As we’ve invested more time and energy as an institution into our fine arts program, we thought it would be good to showcase what our Faculty can do,” he said. “It’s the Faculty that brings the students in to study with us. We want prospective students to know who they would be potentially studying with, and we want the community to know what it is that they’re investing in.”

Students are typically put in the spotlight at WNCC performances, which Johnson said can sometimes prevent people from realizing how capable the school’s faculty are to perform.

“We have really excellent performers on the faculty, and sometimes our community folks just don’t know that because they show up to hear the students,” he said. “We love that, but the Faculty is just sort of in the background sometimes, so we’re showcasing them specifically now.”

The Faculty recital is the first of many performances taking place at WNCC throughout the spring semester. For a full schedule of performing arts events, visit www.wncc.edu/community/performing-arts.

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