Why The Liv Golf Soap Opera Has Been Good For Golf

Golf is normally a pretty dry and predictable subject matter for sports journalists. The main stories over the last 20 or so years have either focused on Tiger’s dominance, Tiger’s misadventures, or Tiger’s comebacks. Otherwise, there’s generally been coverage of simply the Sporting action itself, which only really appeals to golf fans. We haven’t had massive drug-cheating scandals, transfer rumors and shocks, or endemic corruption within the governing bodies to capture the attention of a wider Sporting audience. It has led to golf’s unfounded reputation for being boring.

But this year, golf has been like a soap opera – characters breaking up, bickering and mudslinging, talking behind each other’s backs, making accusations and wagging fingers. The only thing we haven’t had is a full-on fist fight outside the local pub… Maybe in the Christmas special?

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