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One of the best ways to support your growth as an agent is to set goals. A simple concept, yes, but making goal setting a part of your business strategy can help you unlock new levels of professional success. Whether you’re a new agent interested in implementing goal setting in your gameplan or a seasoned real estate veteran looking to develop new growth strategies, SMART goal setting may be for you.

Why you need to set goals

Goal setting is more than just wishful thinking, it’s a strategy that helps you continuously grow and improve as a real estate professional. Setting and accomplishing goals helps you stay sharp, strive for more and motivate your business. Goal setting gives you something to work towards, and victories—no matter how big or small—can push you to do more and go further professionally. Consider goals as the fuel that drives your business, and accomplishing these goals helps you drive your business forward.


The SMART method offers an effective way to plan for your future with clear, easy-to-follow guidelines for setting goals tailored to your business, growth and productivity as an agent. Perfect for long- and short-term goals, this method requires your goals to be:

  • Specific. Define a clear, detailed goal. Whatever your goal, you should be precise—determine what you want to achieve, and why this matters to you and your business.
  • Measurable. When you can measure your outcome, you’re more likely to achieve your goal. While goals without measurable outcomes may have their place, when you’re planning for your business, it’s important to be able to accurately measure a goal so you know when it’s been achieved.
  • Achievable. Whatever your goal, it should be something that is achievable for you. Setting your sights high when goal setting helps you aspire to the Greatness you and your business deserve, but when utilizing the SMART method, it’s best to be equal parts realistic and ambitious.
  • Relevant. Consider what’s important to your business now, and make sure your goal aligns with what you need out of your career. If you’re just getting started, this may mean focusing on goals that act as a solid foundation for your growth versus a long-time industry veteran who may focus on building a succession plan for their business.
  • Time bound. Determine your timeframe for achieving your goal, and stick to it. Whether you’re looking to tackle something within the next 30 days or set yourself up for the future with a long-term goal, you have to set an end date for your achievement.

Goals every agent should set

If you aren’t sure what kinds of goals you should be considering for your business, the following suggestions are a good place for any agent to start when implementing the SMART method to support your growth and development:

  • Build your referral business through targeted marketing campaigns, Reconnecting with past clients and leveraging your sphere.
  • Become a local expert and grow your network by increasing engagement with your community, local leaders and industry influencers in your area.
  • Earn a designation to take your business to the next level as a specialist, and invest in your continued development so you can stay on top of the latest industry insights.
  • Elevate your brand and marketing with a streamlined online presence, standout social media marketing plan and professionally-crafted collateral.

Committing to your development and implementing goal setting strategies will help fuel future growth and success. These methods, in addition to partnering with the right brokerage, will help you unlock more for your business so you can have the career you want and deserve in any market.

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