Why Enner Valencia’s goal was ruled offside by VAR

The opening goal of the Qatar tournament was a topic of debate among the fans

It didn’t take long for VAR to garner criticism from fans, who described the World Cup as rigged during the first stage of the game. However, many who examined the decision concluded that the right decision was made.

Ener Valencia’s goal gave the South Americans the lead in the third minute of the game. However, after a thorough review, it was declared offside, and many argued that Var had made another incorrect call.

A free-kick was delivered into the area and fell onto Ecuador defender Felix Torres, who challenged Qatar goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb, and the ball bounced to Michael Estrada, who glanced it back to Torres, who provided a clear chance for Valencia.

But as the ball was passed to Estrada, he had one foot ahead of the second-last defensive man, Abdelkarim Hassan. Although the review took longer than expected, and the fourth official, Tomaz Listkiewicz, had to ensure that it did not come off Torres. Estrada would not have been offside otherwise.

Why was the goal ruled offside?

Many supporters are still mystified because the goalkeeper was ahead of the Ecuadorian player, but Al-Sheeb touched the ball before it came off Torres’ foot, making the offside decision irrelevant. The period for each player’s offside position was determined by the contact of Torres that influenced the judgement.

It causes a lot of misunderstanding since supporters look for the last defender, which can be confusing, and the goalkeeper was ahead of them. And there was only one defender ahead of Estrada; Al-Sheeb was not even the last defensive player, and Hassan was covered in the aerial battle of Torres and Al-aerial Sheeb.

The offside grew Tricky for the fans when Torres’ contact was confirmed. But Estrada was obviously ahead of Hassan with his knee just beyond the defender. However, it attracted attention among supporters, and with FIFA’s semi-automated offside technology. They should improve the time it takes for fans to receive the verdict.

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