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“The golf course is in a good financial position — we’re self-sustaining now,” was the report from Chris Strand, regional manager for Xtreme Golf, the management company that oversees White Deer Golf Course, to the Lycoming County Commissioners at their meeting this week.

“I know there were years past where there was a lot of talk about that, but we’ve now gone, I think, five years without borrowing any money, and we’re covering all our operations, all our improvements, all our equipment needs which are always ever-growing,” they said.

They reported that there were more than 50,000 rounds of golf played over the summer because of the dry weather.

“The drought is not good for grass and those types of things, but good for golf courses because we can do a lot more rounds without rainy days,” Strand said.

The membership at the golf course is “strong as ever,” with an increase of group activities, Strand said.

“We’ve been able to do a lot more outings again, which obviously helps us from a revenue standpoint but also does a tremendous job of fundraising for a lot of local Charities and for the community for events that we host at White Deer,” they said.

Under action items, the Commissions approved an amendment to an agreement with Xtreme Golf Management to extend the data that the agreement uses for drainage work at the golf course. This will be paid out of the revenue from the golf course.

A real estate tax refund of $2,423 for Kohl’s Department Store was approved by the commissioners. The refund was decided by a court order, according to Brooke Wright, the county’s chief assessor.

“They (Kohl’s) Filed an appeal. It went before the Board of Assessment and in this situation, the board of assessors did not like their Appraisal so they denied it,” Wright said.

Kohl’s then appealed the decision to the Court of Common Pleas.

“We then came back with a new value for them. They came back with a value. We negotiated a little bit because we don’t like to go to court if we don’t have to,” she said.

“That’s how we ended up settling with a court order,” Wright said.

The basis of Kohl’s original case was that the value of their property had declined based on the Appraisal they had, it was noted.

Other agenda items approved by the Commissioners included: a Renewal of 2023 health benefits from Trustmark Health Benefits, Inc. in the amount of $925,648; 2023 administrative Renewal services and fees with Trustmark for $504,463; a resolution implementing Act 57 of 2022 Property Tax Penalty Waiver Provisions; an Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RCAP) funding grant award in the amount of $1 million for the Old City Williamsport Mixed-Use Development project-Delta Development will administer the grant; a resolution for an emergency temporary contract for specialized cleaning services at the Health and Wellness Center; an agreement with Cornell Abraxas Group, LLC for the Juvenile Probation Office; and an amendment to a consent order and agreement with the Department of Environmental Protect for a one-year extension.

The next Commissioners meeting will be at 10 am Tuesday at the commissioner board room, 1st floor Executive Plaza, 330 Pine St. The 2023 budget will be presented at that time. The public is encouraged to attend.

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