Wayne Memorial girls basketball star Mayla Ham commits to Georgetown

Mayla Ham’s Unofficial visit with the Georgetown University Women’s basketball team went so well in August that she didn’t need to wait to take an official one later this winter.

The Wayne Memorial senior was already sold.

The 5-foot-11 small forward verbally committed to the Hoyas on Sunday night, writing a personal post on her Twitter account about her college decision.

“The Unofficial really sold me,” Ham told Hometown Life on Monday afternoon. “Everything we did there was something you do on your official. But it wasn’t official. As soon as I got there, they showed the most love. It’s one of the best academic schools, and I’m big on academics. That was something that really pushed me forward. I was thinking about going into physical therapy or sports medicine, and I can do that there.”

For those not in the know about how recruiting works, there’s a big difference between unofficial and official visits.

Anyone can take an unofficial visit, assuming they’re invited. Basically, players get to tour the school, talk with coaches and get an inside look at how things are done within the program. However, players must pay their own way there.

Wayne Memorial's Mayla Ham grabs a rebound during the second quarter in the Division 1 state semifinal against Hartland on Friday, March 18, 2022, at the Breslin Center in East Lansing.

But an official visit is where colleges get to pull out all the stops. They can pay for a player and their family to fly in for a game or a practice and give the Recruit a top-flight, VIP experience all on the college’s dime.

The fact Ham didn’t get Georgetown’s best recruiting experience says just how badly they wanted her to come to Washington, DC to play basketball. They made the Unofficial visit feel as official as possible.

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