Volleyball: Scots to Host Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night Sept. 21

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Macalester College volleyball team is hosting Faculty/Staff Appreciation Night on Wednesday, Sept. 21 as the Scots host Gustavus at 7:00 pm in the Leonard Center. All faculty and staff are invited to attend. There will be a limited supply of t-shirts available to Faculty and staff who attend. Additionally, each player has selected one Macalester Faculty or staff member to the game to be recognized for their support of our student-athletes.

Here are the Faculty and staff members each student-athlete has chosen to honor.

Sarah Bohrer – Lousia Bradtmiller – Louisa is a kind Professor who genuinely cares about what her students are learning. She has passion for the content and encourages us to learn about what we’re interested in.

Emily Drexler – Liz Jansen – Liz is such a supportive professor both inside that classroom and out. She does such a great job of making learning engaging and connects us with how we can expand this knowledge in real world experiences.

Emily Drexler – Marc Pisansky – Marc is such a supportive and understanding professor. He is always working to create an inclusive classroom while teaching difficult subjects surrounding mental illness. He meets students where they are to ensure a positive experience in his classroom and does so with a smile on his face and a meme in his presentation slides.

Anna Fritz – Mike Anderson – I really appreciate Mike for all he has taught me about statistical programming software, and his patience for my many questions. Thanks to his support, I feel confident to pursue future statistical programming classes and no longer have hesitation about my programming process.

Grace GalerLiz Solarz – Liz and the Athletic Trainers are the greatest resource we have as athletes. Whether I’ve been injured, sore or had any kind of concern, Liz has always been so helpful and knowledgeable about how to help us take care of our bodies. A lot of people on the team go to her for treatment and I’m sure we’re a lot of work sometimes. But we are all so grateful for all the time she puts into helping us feel and play our best.

Stephanie Geber – Sachiko Dorsey – Sachiko Dorsey is an amazing professor. She is kind and patient with her students and makes learning Japanese fun. Her class is always lively and she never has a shortage of stories to tell. She made my first year amazing and I’ll always be grateful for her.

Abi Jansen – Alicia Munoz – I’ve always felt that Professor Munoz wants all her students to succeed. She encourages people to talk in class and pushes us to further our Spanish skills. She’s always there to meet or provide extra help to all of her students. I’m very grateful for all of her help, teaching, and support.

Eliza King – Robin Shield-Cutler – I had Robin my first year for genetics, and he knew everyone’s name by the first week (it was a big class!). He made me feel so welcome at Mac and he made an effort to get to know his students. I have him again this semester (yay, full circle), and he definitely deserves all the recognition and more.

Zoe Lowe – Stotra Chakrabarti – Stotra has been a huge part of my academic growth at Mac. He’s been a friend, mentor, and role model for me for a little over a year. He pushes me to be better while also being a listening ear any time I am stressed.

Jill MacInnis – Fernanda Bartolomei-Merlin – Fernanda always made class fun and stress free. It was an environment that was welcoming and encouraged growth.

Maya Mortenson – Xavier Haro-Corrion – I haven’t known Xavier for long but he has been nothing but passionate about Geography and teaching. He is passionate about his students’ interests as well and expressed excitement when I said I was on the volleyball team, which made me feel welcome and supported.

Nicole Norton – Beth Severy-Hoven – Although I was unsure of fulfilling my language requirement, Beth made/is making the transition easy.

Carmen Quintos – Rypak Shrestha – He is invested in his students, passionate about learning, and is excited to share his knowledge of visual and artistic Geography which is very unique within the Geography department.

Adisa Preston – Walter Greason – Even in our short time together Professor Greason has expanded my perspective and enhanced my way of thinking. He examines not only what it means to process knowledge but also explores the whole and what the information effects. Professor Greason wants all of his students to succeed in his class as well as recognize the importance of asking questions and finding the purpose in our work.

Katrina Schoen – Chris West – Chris is my Physics professor. He makes every class so fun and interesting with his genuine teaching style. I am so excited to learn from him this semester and about the universe around us.

Kaelene Spang– Fernanda Bartolomei-Merlin – Fernanda put my learning above all and was very supportive while I was in her Spanish class. She is an amazing professor!

Nalani Tokuhama – Ritsuko Narita – She is a passionate teacher and shows that she cares about her students’ well-being both in and out of the classroom.

Grace Watkins – Susan Green – Susan Green is my FYC Professor and Advisor and she has already helped me so much. She has helped with course selection, Chemistry in office hours and being a good mentor. She gives great advice and lessons, and she is so easy to talk to.

Annika White – Kristin Heysse – Kristin is an amazing professor, advisor, person, etc. because she cares so much about her students’ success in and out of the classroom. She is invested in her students’ lives and LOVES math. I look up to her a lot!

Torrance Williams – Vittorio Addona – Professor Victor made a class that could feel intimidating, feel manageable. I can’t thank him enough for all the time he spent with me in office hours. I’m so glad I had a professor as incredible as him.

Gwen Wooten – Roopali Phadke – I am really looking forward to being in her class and learning more about environmental policy and Professor Phadke herself.

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