Volleyball Player of the Year changed sports after growth spurt

Cameron Herman played basketball in fourth grade, but her primary sport growing up was gymnastics.

A growth spurt in fifth grade changed her athletic trajectory.

“Gymnastics is where I found my love for sports and athleticism,” she said. “I grew like six inches in a year. I was like, ‘OK, we’re gonna change to volleyball now.’

“I guess I would say I was an average kid. There wasn’t anything special about me. I hit fifth grade, and I was a whole head taller than most of my peers.”

Herman, now a 5-foot-11 junior at Hartland, had her feet in both sports during the summer before sixth grade. That phase didn’t last long.

“I had done some volleyball camps over the summer while training for gymnasts,” she said. “I realized I have more love for volleyball than I had for gymnastics. I kind of took it and ran.”

Just three years after she began playing volleyball, Herman was an All-Livingston County freshman for the Hartland varsity team in 2020.

Two years later, she has reached another level by earning the county volleyball Player of the Year award, as selected by the Livingston Daily.

“This year was kind of huge on the mental aspect of the game for me,” she said. “I stopped worrying about Mistakes and just kind of moved on and was as aggressive as possible and looked forward to the next play to see what happens.”

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