Vegas Whiffs on Playoffs, Surprising Penguins News

Perhaps Jack Eichel thought he hit the jackpot when the Vegas Golden Knights snatched him out of the perennial last-place Buffalo Sabers. New city but not a new result as the Vegas Golden Knights were eliminated from playoff contention on Wednesday. The Pittsburgh Penguins had some earth-moving news, too. Penguins President / CEO David Morehouse tendered his resignation effective immediately. An NHLPA poll showed admiration for Sidney Crosby, and PHN didn’t spare feelings.

If the last two months are the best the Penguins can muster, it’s time to break up the band.

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: I had to reverse course. I’ve advocated for the Penguins core with Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang to stick together and the organization to bend (within reason) to make it happen. I can’t get there anymore. Read on – If the last two months are all that’s left, it’s time to say goodbye to the Pittsburgh Penguins core.

A new NHLPA poll showed some love – Most Complete Player and Best Role Model: Sidney Crosby.

PHN VIdeo: We did a live Q&A, but everything focused on what the Penguins will do in the offseason or what is happening with the team? We had a few glitches, but the show kept moving. You’ll see the studio floor and me swearing under my breath a few times. But here’s the latest Pittsburgh Penguins Live Chat.

We never did get to the lines or defense.

And the surprising news on Wednesday evening. President / CEO David Morehouse tendered his resignation, which was accepted, effective immediately.

NHL News & National Hockey Now:

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman’s latest 32 Thoughts advocated for the play-in series that TNT “debated” Sunday. He, too, was surprised at the timing of Morehouse’s departure and dropped a few great stories.

Montreal: Oh boy, Carey Price will hang out with the team for the final weekend but see the same surgeon who operated on his knee. Worries are high, as is the mystery. Montreal Canadiens news.

Washington: Double Oh boy. Alex Ovechkin’s status for the playoffs is up in the air. Ovechkin was injured this week and is not guaranteed to start the playoffs. Washington Capitals update.

Philly: Your daily hate click. The Flyers lost. The Flyers lost. Again. Another no-show loss for the Philadelphia Flyers.

** NYI: The Islanders did well in shortened seasons. They may have been saved by the bell in 2020 because they were falling apart in the late season, but an 82-game season sunk the Islanders. Stefan Rosner writers – yeah, defense isn’t enough anymore. You need offense, too. New York Islanders analysis.

Vegas: It’s over. Goodnight. Goodbye. After thinking they would find a way, they didn’t. The 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs will not include the Vegas Golden Knights.

Florida: The Pittsburgh Penguins playoff opponent? A good bit of storytelling and write-up here. Sam Reinhart was boxed-in in Buffalo. Languishing. In Florida? The dude is ripping it up. He’s been part of the Panthers’ turnaround. Florida Panthers story.

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