Van found submerged in Pond at Arrowhead Golf Club in North Canton

NORTH CANTON – A woman knocking on doors and asking for help overnight led authorities to conduct a water Rescue at a nearby golf course.

But their search, which resumed after daylight Friday, yielded no victim.

City police said the 38-year-old Plain Township woman told authorities that she’d been in a crash in an unknown body of water and that she swam from the submerged vehicle. She didn’t know where it was.

Police Sgt. Matthew Buzzard said she was wet up to her chest. She told them she “couldn’t remember much of anything,” and then her story kept changing.

“At one point, she indicated that there might be a male in the car,” he said.

Investigators pinged her cellphone and found her maroon minivan submerged on a pond in the city-owned Arrowhead Golf Club at 1500 Rogwin Circle SW. The Pond can be six to nine feet deep in some parts, Buzzard said.

North Canton police and firefighters were joined by the South Summit County Dive Team and Stark County sheriff's deputies in a search Friday morning after a van was found submerged in a pond at Arrowhead Golf Club.

Authorities begin water Rescue at Arrowhead Golf Club Pond

The Pond is about a quarter of a mile from Lorena Street SW where she’d been knocking on doors. Residents had called authorities at 1:34 am Friday to report that she was going door to door, knocking and asking for help.

Officers checked local Parks and asked authorities in neighboring communities to check bodies of water until the cellphone ping led them to the golf course. Fresh tracks led into the Pond, according to a police department news release.

City firefighters were notified at 3:37 am and, at about 4 am, responding to North Canton firefighters “caught a flicker of it using their Spotlight,” and more authorities were summoned, Buzzard said.

Members of the South Summit County Dive Team used Sonar equipment to help locate the submerged vehicle.

According to a news release from Buzzard and North Canton Fire Investigator John Kleinbeck, the South Summit County Dive Team was asked to search for any other occupants who had been in the van. The team members, who come from Coventry, New Franklin, Green and Lakemore, used Sonar equipment to scan the Pond as well as Entering it.

The van, found under water with its passenger side door open, is registered to the woman.

South Summit County Dive Team members assist firefighters and police in the Friday morning search for a potential victim at a crash site at the Arrowhead Golf Club in North Canton.

The Stark County Sheriff’s Deputy also used a drone to check the area.

Authorities found from other potential crash victims.

“We were checking off boxes to confirm that nobody else was in the van, nobody else was in the water and nobody else was in the area,” Buzzard said.

The woman has not been charged or cited, but the investigation was continuing. The Canton Regional Crash Team was called to assist with the investigation, Buzzard said.

They said Investigators have not yet narrowed down when the van went into the water.

The woman suffered no life-threatening injuries and she was not transported to the hospital, she said.

A tow truck begins to pull a submerged van from a pond at the Arrowhead Golf Club in North Canton.  Authorities searched the Pond Friday morning for any victims.

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