United Way of Brevard sets $5.75 million goal for 2022 campaign

It sounds like a sky-high mission: raising $5.75 million that will help house, feed, educate and protect the young and old across the Space Coast.

What better way for United Way of Brevard to announce those goals and the hope they carry than in an “United We Ignite Change” campaign kickoff at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex?

The 2022 campaign blast-off drew 210 guests Thursday for a night of challenge and compassion, starting with a tour of the new Gateway Deep Space Launch Complex and dinner in the Debus Center.

Most important, guests from Corporations and Nonprofits countywide heard stories about where donor dollars are used as United Way of Brevard marks its 65th anniversary — and that while a $5.75 million goal might sound ambitious, it’s doable and critical.

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