Top 5 tourist places near Nagpur

Top 5 tourist places near Nagpur

Apr 27, 2022, 04:53 pm
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Pench Tiger Reserve was mentioned in The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Nagpur, famous for its oranges, is the winter capital of Maharashtra and a proposed smart city.

The landscape around Nagpur has low flat-topped hills, plateaus, and valleys of rivers. Sounds beautiful, right?

If you live in Nagpur and have already explored the city, here are some places you can visit near Nagpur.

The following destinations serve as great weekend treks or calming short getaways.

Pench Tiger Reserve is one of the leading tiger reserves in the country.

This national park is the first one to overlap Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

The park, named after the river Pence which flows through here, was mentioned in The Jungle Bookby the renowned English author Rudyard Kipling.

The best time to visit is in winter for pleasant weather conditions.

Lonar crater created by a meteorite collision is a National Geo-heritage Monument.

It is the world’s only saltwater lake in basaltic rock. It’s believed that a meteorite hit our planet about 52,000 years ago and this crater was formed due to the impact.

The crater which developed into a lake is surrounded by forests and is great for bird watching.

Waki Woods is a well-known trekking trail in Maharashtra.

This place is great for activities like boating, archery, trekking adventure, and bird watching.

The dense green forests on the way to Waki ​​Woods are graced with fascinating lakes and sanctuaries.

Being one of the state’s most beloved trekking routes, it will help you capture some of the best travel memories you’ll ever have.

Ramtek will pique the interest of history buffs.

There’s a temple dedicated to Lord Ram here and it is believed that he rested here during his exile.

The temple was built by Raghuji Bhonsale, ruler of Nagpur in the 18th century after his victory over the fort of Deogarh, Chindwara.

It is believed that the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa wrote Meghadūta in Ramtek.

Khekranala, 65 km north of Nagpur, in the Khapa range is a dam site offering breathtaking scenic views.

A calm blue lake around the Khekranala Dam is surrounded by a dense forest.

This is a great picnic spot for families or a beautiful weekend trip for those living in Nagpur.

It is an ideal spot for trekking enthusiasts and has lodging facilities as well.

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