Tom Brady and Sean Payton together on one team in the NFL? The QB did not rule out changing head coaches

Ccontroversy has never been an agenda for two characters in the NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, this week the two appeared together on the latest episode of the Let’s Go! Podcast and now it was the strategist who hit the big time.

On the edition Hosted by the famous Jim Gray, the man who led the Saints to win Super Bowl XLIVthe only one so far in franchise history, wasn’t shy in pointing out that he would like to be on the same team as the now 45-year-old player.

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Sean Payton wants Tom Brady on his next team

“Who says Tommy’s coming to Fox right away?” Payton said. “Clearly, we don’t want to get another team in trouble.”

In his career as head coach, Payton almost always had Drew Brees as his starting quarterback, who rightly was the one who fought all the relevant marks to TB12 during his career and played his last game with the Saints precisely against Brady’s Buccaneers, during the 2020 season, in which Brady won his first Vince Lombardi Trophy with the Bucs.

In addition to this situation, it should be remembered that prior to the aforementioned season, the Miami Dolphins tried to draft both Brady and Payton, even generating a Sanction from the NFL for violating the NFL’s anti-tampering rule, as the quarterback was still a member of the New England Patriots and the head coach was still working with the Saints.

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How many head coaches has Tom Brady had in his career?

In the same vein, the seven-time Super Bowl Winner did not rule out that, in his future, Sean Payton would become his fourth head Coach in the NFL after Bill Belichick, Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles.

“You never know what happens in the NFL,” Brady said. “So, who knows? I thought I was retired, I wasn’t. Who knows? You never know what the future looks like.”


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