Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy unveil new primetime golf league

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and their new TMRW Sports “introduced the TGL on Wednesday, a ‘new tech-infused league’ that will partner with the PGA Tour,” according to Adam Woodard of GOLFWEEK. The new league includes, per a press release:

  • Teams: Six teams of three PGA Tour players
  • Season: 15 regular season Monday night matches followed by semifinals and Finals matches, starting January 2024
  • Venue: Virtual course complete with a tech-infused, short-game complex
  • Fan experience: Every shot is live within a 2-hour, primetime televised match (GOLFWEEK.com, 8/24).


  • Golf.com’s Luke Kerr-Dineen: “Reminder that Holey Moley, which is the only thing remotely comparable to what this would be, has averaged 2.5 and 3.2 million viewers for four straight seasons.”
  • Author Shane Ryan: “Coming out right now as bearish on Monday Night Golf. Gimme the instant backlash award. Don’t think it will work.”
  • Golf News Net’s Ryan Ballengee: “It is pretty genius of Tiger to concoct a golf league that doesn’t require much walking.”
  • Golf.com’s Dylan Dethier: “This bit feels important: Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are the first two Golfers who have committed to compete in the TGL.”
  • Action Network’s Jason Sobel: “The unsubtle insinuation here is that this will help further Tiger’s competitive career. He’s been very involved in this process. With no walking between holes, there’s a presumption that he will be competing in this league during a primetime TV window each week.”
  • No Laying Up’s DJ Piehowski: “A little whiplash going from the convo about the fundamental structural changes to the PGA Tour to a presentation about elite screen golf.”
  • CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter: “Wow. Unbelievable day. I’m not even totally sure what all is happening right now, but I’m so pumped for the next few years.”
  • Broadcaster Luke Elvy: “Golf has evolved more in the last year than it had in the previous 50. It took a Massive disruption for that to happen. Competition is always good for the consumer.”

TMRW Sports’ venue will be a virtual course complete with a tech-infused, short-game complexTMRW Sports

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