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DULUTH – Students in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) had to wait a long time to compete together in the Minnesota bulls-eye state tournament after the pandemic canceled the in-person event the last couple of years.

On March 25 and 26, nearly 1,400 archers representing 58 different schools got to shoot in Duluth. Alexandria will send three onto the national archery tournament in Louisville, Kentucky in Nicolas Witt and Ashton Schlosser in the boys high school division, and Ian Johnson in the boys middle school division.

“I think everyone was pretty excited to shoot at the big state tournament in Duluth,” Alexandria high school coach Alan Hansen said. “Being there hadn’t been a state tournament since 2019, only three of the AAHS archers had been up there before and that was when they were 9th-graders. For the rest of the AAHS archers and the new middle school team, it was a very big deal for their first time shooting on a line with 84 archers at a time. ”

Johnson, an 8th grader, continues to cement himself as one of the top young archers through the NASP program throughout the country.

Johnson nearly won the virtual national shoot in 2021 in the middle-school boys division when he shot a 295 out of a possible 300. That ranked him second out of 3,611 middle-school shooters in that boys field.

At this year’s state tournament, Johnson shot a 291 with 21 perfect tens to win the middle school boys state championship out of 335 archers. That was the third best score out of 715 boys in the entire state tournament, regardless of division.

Nicolas Witt

Witt, a senior, shot a 288 at the Minnesota state tournament. That placed him third out of 246 high school boys’ shooters. He finished the event with 23 perfect 10s.

Tanner Carlson of White Bear Lake shot a 294 to win the boys high school division, and Ethan Stemper of Lakes International Language Academy was second at 289.

Ashton Schlosser

Ashton Schlosser

Schlosser, a junior, finished as one of the 10 high school qualifiers for the national tournament by taking 10th in the high school boys division with a 284. He had 18 perfect 10s.

Alexandria’s Owen Jensen, a sophomore, almost made it four Alexandria national qualifiers as he shot a 283, good for 12th out of the 246 competitors.

A 291 from Paige Andrie of White Bear Lake was the top score in the girls’ high school division. Freshman Haley Srock led the Alexandria girls with a 271. That was good for 61st place out of 272 archers in the division.

In the team standings at state, Alexandria finished 10th out of 21 programs in the high school division with 3,237 points and a total of 138 tens. Lakes International Language Academy took the top spot with 3,324 total points and 170 tens.

The Osakis archery team was 16th in the high school team standings with 3,171 total points and 116 tens.

Junior Connor Gulbranson was Osakis’ top archer in the tournament as he placed 14th out of 246 high school boys. Gulbranson shot a 282 with a team-best 16 perfect tens.

Junior Mikayla Schablin was the top girls shooter for Osakis with a 276 and 14 tens. That was good for 35th out of 272 high school female archers.

Kolbe Kral, a 7th-grader, was Osakis ‘top middle school archer as he shot a 246 to finish 159th out of 335 shooters in the boys’ division. Eighth-grader Levi Middendorf was close behind him with a 244.

Seventh-grader Arianna Allex was Osakis’ top girls archer in the middle school division as she placed 154th out of 256 competitors with her score of 232.

ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL BOYS DIVISION SCORES – Nicolas Witt – third place, 288; Ashton Schlosser – 10th, 284; Owen Jensen – 12th, 283; Blake Erickson – 33rd, 278; Marc Magaard – 45th, 275; Noah Larson – 58th, 272; Logan Schmitt – 62nd, 271; Grayson Soine – 78th, 268; Logan Peterson – 99th, 265; Dylan Howard – 113th, 263

ALEXANDRIA HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS DIVISION SCORES – Haley Srock – 61st place, 271; Rayna Holm – 113th, 262; Makiah Haug – 161st, 252; Tiffany Larson – 219th, 233l Megan Fuchs – 241st, 224; Brookelyn Scribner – 252nd, 215; Abigail Koopman – 270th, 167

OSAKIS HIGH SCHOOL BOYS DIVISION SCORES – Connor Gulbranson – 14th place, 282; Eric Marquardt – 85th, 267; Thomas Weiler – 108th, 263; Jerrald Witt – 133rd, 259; Isaac Ruegemer – 135th, 259; Zander Redning – 163rd, 251; Jack Bock – 177th, 247; Gabe Giesler – 231st, 224; Scott Ellefson – 242nd, 190; Joshua Barhorst – 244th, 187

OSAKIS HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS DIVISION SCORES – Mikayla Schablin – 35th, 276; Lyndsey Middendorf – 81st, 266; Heather Marquardt – 92nd, 265; Mackenzie Holmquist – 110th, 262; Avery Graff – 118th, 261; Taye Mathews – 122nd, 260; Charlee Thieschafer – 192nd, 245; Isabelle Allex – 195th, 244; Brooke Euerle – 204th, 242; Kyrah Oeltjen – 210th, 239; Brooklyn Holmquist – 215th, 235; Lynnea Maus – 226th, 232; Allison Wardell – 261st, 204; Desirae Hendricks – 267th, 192

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