“This has UK written all over it”: Another why cyclists do not use the cycle lane classic; Local wearing builder’s hat drops Israel – Premier Tech pros in Rwanda; Wiggo predicts “amazing” Pidcock success; Britain’s best LTN + more on the live blog

It’s been dubbed the ‘Danny MacAskill special edition bike lane’ … an opportunity to practice your jumps and tricks on the way to work …

Today’s ‘why cyclists do not use the cycle lane’ comes from an unspecified, secret location where anyone looking to stay off the road will have to dodge a sneakily well-camouflaged … hmmm, what would you call them? A utility box, perhaps?

Someone speculated this particular ingenious infra idea is in Walthamstow, with another saying that would make sense as Waltham Forest Council, “have a policy of putting in the lanes before street furniture is moved rather than waiting for it all to be shifted before starting as I remember.

“It gives them some leverage with the utilities I guess.” Now we might be getting somewhere (just not in that bike lane, as things stand). Either way, it was a really nice touch to paint the bicycle as close as is physically possible behind the obstacle.

In the meantime you better get practicing your bunny-hopping …

Presuming the box will soon be kicked out, attention turned to the end of the lane which appears to quite abruptly chuck cyclists back into the road …

So how will it look when it ” finished ‘?

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