This actress has beaten Kajol with badminton, yet never complained

On August 5, 1974, Bollywood’s beautiful and powerful actress Kajol was born. Today Kajol has turned 48 years old. With age, the beauty and style of her face is also increasing day by day. On the occasion of Kajol’s birthday, we are going to tell you some important things related to her personal life. You must have heard that what kind of mother is Kajol in her personal life and how strict she is about the upbringing of her children, but do you know how Kajol herself was raised and how difficult her childhood was.

Yes, Kajol’s mother Tanuja was a strict mom. Kajol herself had said in an interview that her mother was very strict, along with this Kajol also told some such things that you might be shocked to hear.

Kajol told that in the early years of childhood, she and her sister Tanisha had to live in a lot of discipline. His mother used to punish him for making a mistake. However, Kajol says that she does not at all raise her children like her mother and stays with her children as their friends.

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got beaten up by badminton

Kajol herself had revealed in the interview that she used to be beaten up for making a mistake and then whatever came in her hands, she used to beat her with that. Kajol has been killed since badminton.

Kajol has suffered a lot of anger

Talking about her mother’s way of raising her, Kajol had told that her mother believed that children get spoiled if they are let loose, so she used to discipline us a lot. Kajoli says that whatever was in her mother’s hand when she made a mistake, she used to throw it at Kajol and kill her. Kajol is even beaten up with utensils.

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birthday promise

While narrating an anecdote from her 13th birthday, Kajol had told that ‘her mother told her on her birthday that if she behaves well, she will never raise her hand again. You are no longer a child, you are a teenager and an adult. Just from then Kajol became responsible.

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gives credit to mother

Kajol considers herself a cool mom and gives credit to her mother Tanuja. Kajol says that because of her mother’s strictness, she wanted to be a cool mom so that her children could openly talk about their mind.

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Is it right to kill children?

Child specialists and parenting experts consider it wrong to assault children and say that it has a bad effect on the mental, emotional and physical health of the child, but this is not the case with Kajol. From Kajol’s words, it seems that she had realized somewhere that the way her mother is raising her, it is only for her good. You can understand this by seeing the strong bond of both of them today.

Learn from Bollywood actress Kajol to be friends with children

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