The Napoleon Dynamite Pizza Ranch Connection You Totally Forgot About

Pizza Ranch is a name familiar to many Americans in the Midwest. Known for its buffet-style of dining, Pizza Ranch has over 212 locations across the Midwestern United States, per ScrapeHero. It’s also known for the 12 Days of Pizza event every year, aided by Napoleon Dynamite producer Sean Covel.

As the story goes, Sean Covel was eating lunch with an elementary school teacher in his hometown of Edgemont, South Dakota. The teacher explained that, while the kids in her class were excited about Christmas, 12 kids weren’t looking forward to it. Not because they didn’t enjoy the season, but because once the school closed, they wouldn’t be able to get anything to eat. Unwilling to see his fellow South Dakotans go hungry, Sean called up the Managers of the local community bank and the local Pizza Ranch, all of whom quickly agreed to collaborate on what would become the food program known as the 12 Days of Pizza.

The idea behind the 12 Days of Pizza is simple, according to Pizza Ranch. Families from across Rapid City and surrounding areas can enjoy 12 days of free food, ensuring that children and parents can both enjoy a good holiday meal for the Christmas season. Sean Covel seems pretty proud of what his program has accomplished, posting on Instagram in 2018 about the Massive 12,000 meals served to families in need.

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