The Art of Making Art: Lisa Plefka Haskin

Lisa Plefka Haskin. Credit: Linda Horton Photography

Lisa Plefka Haskin is an Evanston artist who creates handmade ornaments, coasters, journaling books, Stencils and collages.

Haskin says, “I’m a maker.” She enjoys staying very busy creating things and typically has multiple works under development at any given moment. Her work is inspired by living in Evanston. She walks along the lake and through the many wonderful neighborhoods. As she walks, she always sees new things that inspire her, whether it be an architectural detail or flowers and plants. These will show up later in her work.

Her Collages are mixed media “art on the wall.” These works are developed with layers of varying patterns, papers and marks. In her current collages, the layers are pulled together with a foreground floral image. Each piece has a lovely, busy cohesiveness.

Haskin does graphic design freelance work from her home, and her art studio is in the spare bedroom of her home, so you might find her in the studio at almost any time day or night. She Occasionally finds herself in the studio at 11 pm in her pajamas because an idea has hit her, and she needs to Capture it right away!

Some Collage materials organized and stored. Credit: Lisa Plefka Haskin

The studio is filled with many items, all of which make her feel happy. On the walls are photographs, art by friends or herself and posters. She also has a type case, and a “silly” bulletin board. Love, inspiration and smiles are the words Haskin uses to describe the space.

When she walks into her studio, she sees many piles of materials because by design there is a lot going on as she moves back and forth between in-process works. Although the area is crammed full, she knows exactly where everything is located.

Making a Collage requires a large reserve of base materials from which to pick. For Haskin, her “collage fodder” is built from items she collects and creates in her relaxation time. They might be painted, drawn on or stamped as part of her creative process.

Fodder might include, among many other things:

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