The 8 Best Wielders In Songs Of Conquest

Wielders are the spell-casting heroes of Songs Of Conquest. The units under their command gain considerable strength from their presence, to say nothing of the magical arsenal a Wielder brings to the fight. Each Wielder has a specialization which allows them to further enhance their favored troops.

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We went through the entire list of the game’s playable Wielders from every faction to determine which are the best to recruit. While all the Wielders in Songs Of Conquest have plenty of power, these exceptional enchanters stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Since Songs Of Conquest is in early access, the capabilities of each Wielder may change throughout the game’s development process. As such, this list is also subject to change.


8 Cheekham Stormcaller

The loyal companion of Rasc, Cheekham Stormcaller excels at rallying Rana Hunters to his cause. All Hunters and Storm Guards in Cheekham’s army deal an additional point of damage with their attacks. Considering that the Rana’s basic infantry can have up to fifty troops in a unit before upgrades, that’s a lot of extra damage.

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Cheekham also starts the game with the excellent Combat Training skill, which enhances the melee capabilities of his entire army. Leveling up Combat Training early can give his troops extra retaliations per round, eliminating enemy units quicker and preserving more Hunters for later engagements.

7 Merkoth

The undead champion of Empress Aurelia made a name for himself in ancient days by slaying dragons, and now that he’s back he’s even more deadly. Undead troops in Merkoth’s army – Oathbound, Risen, Scavenged Bones, Specters, and Legions – get a bonus of twenty points to their Melee Offense. That’s in addition to Merkoth’s base Offense stat of fifteen and the extra percentage boost granted by his starting skill, Melee.

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Equipping Merkoth with top-quality weapons and giving him elite undead units to command turns him into an unstoppable force. Be sure to include some Specters for the Arcana Essence they provide, vastly expanding Merkoth’s available spells.

6 Lady Elisa Hammond

Lady Hammond may be a villain in the story campaign, but in Skirmish Mode she’s one of the best Wielders for Arleon. All Human troops in her army get an additional twenty Defense, along with her starting Defense of ten. Her initial units are okay, but not great – two units of ten Militia each – but once she adds Footmen and Knights into the mix her army is solid as a rock.

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Knights are particularly powerful under Hammond’s command thanks to her Cunning skill. The skill grants all her units additional Offense and Defense during the first two rounds of combat, improving the already-dangerous knightly charge. The extra Defense makes sure Arleon’s cavalry will be able to continue fighting even after running down their first foe.

5 Soughtfor

Soughtfor is the ideal Wielder for commanding a Harima army in the service of Barya. All Harima troops led by Soughtfor – Pipers, Brutes, and Sassanids – get an additional twenty points of Melee Offense from his leadership. Brutes and Sassanids are already excellent melee troops, and the bonus only serves to make them more deadly.

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Soughtfor is also the only Wielder in the game that starts with the Scouting skill. This allows him to see further on the map, discovering points of interest more easily and giving him a little extra warning when an enemy Wielder is near. This can allow him to get the drop on an unsuspecting army or foil an enemy ambush.

4 Sanaz Trueweight

A mercenary captain of Barya, Sanaz Trueweight can hold an elevated position against all but the most determined enemy. Like Hammond, she boosts the Defense of her Human soldiers, which in her case includes her starting Pikeneers and Musketeers along with later acquisitions like Tinkerers and Hellbreath cannon crews. Her Guard skill further bolsters the defensive capabilities of her mercenaries, Human or otherwise.

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Sanaz has a higher starting Movement and Vision radius than most other Wielders, making her an asset on the strategic map as well as in the game’s turn-based battles. With defensive Pikeneers and Tinkerers guarding her ranged units, Sanaz can easily cut down any enemies that get within range.

3 Ravenfayre

Ravenfayre is another Wielder who moves faster and sees farther on the map, and her specialization in ranged combat makes her a fantastic leader for Arleon’s archers. All units in Ravenfayre’s army get an additional fifteen points of Ranged Offense, while her solid starting Offense of ten applies to ranged and melee troops alike. If you can get a powerful bow into Ravenfayre’s hands there will be few targets her troops can’t bring down from afar.

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As you might expect, Ravenfayre starts with the Archery skill. Militia, Rangers, and Faey Nobles are all perfect fits for her army, but don’t forget to include Footmen, Horned Ones, or Knights to pick off any foes that get too close.

2 R’Lac, Rage Of Rana

The armies of the Rana are aggressive melee attackers, and R’Lac turns that aggression up to eleven. Like Cheekham, R’Lac starts with Combat Training, but rather than focusing on a single unit this Eth’Dra Wielder gives all Rana in his army twenty Melee and Ranged Offense. He also has a base Offense of fifteen, nearly doubling his Specialization buff right at the start of the game.

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Hunters, Guards, Shamans, Eth’Dra, and the impressive Riders Of The Swamp all benefit from R’Lac’s specialization. While he starts with Guards you’ll probably want to phase them out for Ravagers since your medium building slots are limited and R’Lac would much rather have Riders than Crawlers.

Yes Dragons and Elder Dragons count as Rana and benefit fully from R’Lac’s buff.

1 Dr. Marjatta

Doctor Marjatta represents the Unseen Society, a secretive cabal of Necromancers dedicated to resurrecting Empress Aurelia. She also happens to be the most powerful spell caster in Songs Of Conquest. While she doesn’t have the raw power of Arleon’s Ethylle-Ernaline, Queen Of The Faey, her allegiance to the Barony Of Loth gives her a much better Essence engine for damage-dealing spells.

Marjatta’s starting army includes Cultists, Oathbound, and an Aurelian Scholar, giving her the best starting Essence output of any Wielder in the game. She also starts with the Arcana skill, generating Essence on her own. Level up her Arcana and Destruction skills quickly to take advantage of her enormous forty percent spell damage bonusand Marjatta quickly becomes a one-woman army … who also happens to have an actual army.

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