Teen Wolf: Allison Argent’s 10 Best Outfits

Teen Wolf is a show filled with a lot of stylistically dressed characters. As many of the series’ leads are popular kids in high school, they must obviously have a level of trendiness. This includes the character of Allison Argent.

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While Allison isn’t the show’s main style icon, that title belongs to Lydia Martin, she still manages to have multiple great outfits throughout her limited run on the show. Her somewhat edgy yet feminine style manages to stand out throughout every season, and she has numerous outfits that are still great to this day.


Panda T-Shirt And White Skirt

Alison and Lydia in front of a blue door in Teen Wolf

Allison often chose a monochromatic color palette, which looked great on her pale skin and dark features. She is wearing a white WWF panda t-shirt along with a white polka-dot skirt. She keeps the look from being too sweet by adding a leather moto jacket and biker boots, which were very popular back in 2012. She also adds a red bag for a great splash of color.

This outfit is also what she wears the first time she properly starts fighting with Scott’s pack rather than with the hunters, and it’s definitely a memorable look for that moment. Perhaps the WWF t-shirt is meant to symbolize how she is no longer hunting rare creatures, rather she is protecting them.

Boho Dress And Army Jacket

An image of Scott holding Allison as she dies in Teen Wolf

Allison’s death is arguably the saddest moment of Teen Wolf, but at least she goes out in style. She wears a 1970s bohemian style paisley dress in numerous shades of purple, and even has some deep purple tights to match.

Sadly, the dress’ cute bell sleeves are often hidden underneath a jacket. But her green army jacket and brown riding boots give the look an aura of toughness, and her archery glove and weapon obviously emphasize this aura. Her nails are painted red, perhaps to symbolize the bloodshed as she is fatally stabbed by an oni. It’s a truly shocking moment, but her outfit is almost as memorable.

Turquoise Dress, White Scarf, And Plaid Coat

Teen Wolf often took place outdoors in Beacon Hills’ surrounding woods, so it was necessary to wrap up warm for many scenes. Thankfully, Allison’s wardrobe is well-suited to the cold weather, and she still manages to make a fun and brightly-colored outfit.

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She wears a turquoise top, along with a burnt red plaid coat. The colors surprisingly go well together, perhaps because they are tied in together with the neutral white scarf. The outfit is overall both cozy and stylish. The colors allow her to blend into the woods if she needs to, but she also stands out for just how cute the outfit is.

Heart Sweater And Blue Skirt

This episode is when the nogitsune, one of the scariest Teen Wolf creatures, begins terrifying the main characters. Perhaps in a bid to fight off the fear, Allison wears a very cute heart printed sweater. She seems to wear this turquoise color quite a lot, and it definitely suits her.

She pairs the sweater with a cobalt blue skirt, making the outfit appear monochromatic without being too matchy-matchy. The skirt adds into the cutesy factor of the look, though Allison makes sure to balance this out with knee-high riding boots. But ultimately, she still looks adorable while firing arrows in the forest.

White Dress And Army Jacket

A promo image of the Teen Wolf season 3 main cast

Allison always knew how to balance out feminine pieces with tougher ones, which was a very popular way of styling outfits back in 2013. In season 3B, she wears a crisp white 1960s style tent dress with a ruffle at the bottom, which gives the dress a lot of volume. On top, she juxtaposes the dress with an army green jacket, which keeps the look more practical.

The pieces are styled together well, as the jacket is cropped enough that the ruffled hem of the skirt is able to be seen. Allison also styles the outfit with bright red lipstick, which adds some loud shades to an otherwise neutral-colored outfit.

Gray Plaid Shirt Dress

In the first season, Allison definitely had more of a grungy style, and she generally kept to a dark gray, black, and white color palette. This includes an outfit where she wears a gray plaid shirt dress, along with a dark wash denim jacket, tights, and heels. While the heels aren’t generally what most people would wear to school, they manage to dress up this otherwise laid back outfit.

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The tones of the outfit match the tone of the first series, which was shrouded in spooky cinematography. The colors also match her dark features and pale skin, making her look somewhat gothic, albeit in a very laid-back way.

Winter Formal Dress

Scott and Allison were the best Teen Wolf ship of season 1, and they both look great together at the Winter Formal. This is partly due to Allison’s dress, which looks fabulous on her. The mini dress is a pearly sort of pink, almost iridescent white, and its gathered hem and strapless top give the dress a very interesting silhouette.

The iridescent and shiny fabric let the lights of the dance bounce off the dress, which makes it perfect for any kind of disco event. Allison also styles her hair into an intricately braided ponytail, which allows the dress to stand out since her hair is pulled out of the way.

Hunting Outfit

An image of Allison using the Chinese ring daggers in Teen Wolf

While Allison tended to dress in more everyday teenager clothes, as part of a hunter family she was often dressed ready for combat, and these outfits are often her best. Allison wears this outfit in the episode “Fury,” which is the best episode of Teen Wolf season 2, and the outfit definitely matches in quality.

She wears a black lace tank top, along with a black zip-up hoodie and a black pair of stretchy skinny jeans. She finishes the look with black boots, which are very practical, a loose braided hairstyle, which arguably isn’t practical but looks cool, and Chinese ring daggers, which definitely look cool.

Denim Shirt And Floral Skirt

Lydia and Allison get their arms grabbed in Teen Wolf

On the first day back of school after a somewhat traumatic year, Allison chooses to dress quite low-key, but she still manages to look super stylish. She wears a blue casual chambray shirt over a ditsy floral skater skirt, along with brown knee-high boots, which are a staple in Allison’s wardrobe. Juxtaposing more casual pieces with overtly feminine ones are also an Allison staple.

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The untucked shirt with a few buttons undone gives the outfit a more interesting silhouette, and it presents that sort of “just rolled out of bed but still look amazing” vibe, which is very true to Allison. Her new shorter haircut also goes great with the outfit overall.

Blue Floral Dress

Allison loads a gun in Teen Wolf

When Allison becomes the leader of the hunters, her style somewhat upgrades, becoming more polished and mature. This includes a sleek sleeveless dress that she wears while loading some guns, which is a very striking visual in and of itself.

The dress is cobalt blue, and it has a beautiful floral pattern, which adds some soft youthfulness to the outfit, which is fitting considering that Allison is still a teenager. At this point in the series, she has also spent the summer in France, so her style definitely has that “french girl” essence to it. Overall, the dress fits her very well, and the colors definitely pop on her pale skin.

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