Strengthen the Pack – Goal 1 | 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

A. Increase the number of Faculty and staff as required to support projected enrollment growth and educational demand

B. Develop a performance pay model and reward structure to recognize achieved goals and objectives

C. Identify gaps in salary parity and establish a roadmap to achieve compensation equity

D. Adjust, where possible, performance evaluation criteria to include strategic priorities, including, but not limited to, recognition of teaching; research; service; DEI engagement; creative activity; and recruiting, hiring and mentoring metrics

E. Increase Faculty and staff diversity to achieve alignment with the National Association of System Heads (NASH) Equity Action Framework on hiring, retention, Promotions and Rewards best practices

F. Embed teaching and Classroom management skills into the Faculty development program that promote mindfulness of the University’s values, DEI and the freedom of critical thought and expression

G. Enhance internal communication efforts between faculty, staff and administration, as well as across campus units, using a variety of channels and technology

H. Invest in formalized professional development for Faculty and staff, with attention to discipline-specific instructional programmingI. Increase access to resources for Faculty and staff for Coordinated mental health and wellness, childcare, housing, transit and food insecurity services

J. Develop and execute a strategy for assessing Faculty and staff engagement and morale to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

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