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LAWTON, IA (KCAU) – Since starting bow hunting with her father as a kid, Alise Brockhaus has always had a bow in her hands. Though it wasn’t until the junior high level when Alise would be introduced to the sport, it was clear Brockhaus would shine in shooting.

“I came up in 7th grade and Coach Carlson came in our PE class and was like,‘ we’re gonna shoot some bows today, ’and I just kind of stuck with it and here I am,” Lawton-Bronson senior Alise Brockhaus said.

“She picked up the bow and she started shooting and you could just see it,” Lawton-Bronson head archery coach Jason Carlson said. “It’s one of those things when I introduce it in a PE class I look around and… you can always pick out two or three that just get it.”

After impressive showings as a freshman, she’d follow it with runner-up finishes at state her sophomore and junior year. All building up towards state title wins her senior season in Bullseye and 3D, achieving a goal Alise had set for herself that was four years in the making.

“I knew she was gonna break out sooner or later, and it just happened to be her senior year and she broke out in a big way there,” Carlson said.

“Almost every year I’ve gotten second at state and people are like ‘this is your year to get first this is your year’,” Brockhaus said. “My name being called to walk up there and get my plaque and medal and stuff like that… I didn’t know how to feel it was just overwhelming.”

But Alise’s archery chapter was far from closed. The pair of wins at state would qualify her for the high school national archery championships in Salt Lake City, along with the heightened pressure of competing on a national stage. But after her success at state, Alise didn’t have to change much in her approach, resulting in a 7th place finish in Bullseye, while taking home the national crown in 3D.

“It didn’t really hit me until later that night that it was such a big deal, but it was pretty much the same thing as it was at state,” Brockhaus said. “Hearing my name called and it was just wow.”

“You could tell it was a weight off her shoulders,” Carlson said. “It was just an exciting moment for the entire team, all the family members that we had down there and of course Alise. She wanted that more than anything. ”

And with Brockhaus hitting bullseyes, the Lawton Bronson community has followed in stride with sponsorships and support. Rallying behind Alise as she climbs the ranks under the LB name.

“It’s really special because we’re such a small school and we’re not heard from like schools all over,” Brockhaus said.

“The community just went above and beyond any expectations that I had, and it just shows that our community cares a lot about this activity,” Carlson said.

They’ll have more to cheer about this June, when Alise takes her talents one step further at the world archery championships in Louisville, for a chance at a $ 25,000 scholarship, and to continue her journey of becoming one of the best around with a bow and arrow.

“She’s an outstanding role model for all the archers, all the students in our school,” Carlson said. “She’s a symbol of hard work pays off.”


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