Spain’s Ferran Torres Dedicates Goal to Girlfriend, Coach’s Daughter – NBC New York

Spain’s forward Ferran Torres not only had immense pressure on Wednesday to perform up to par in front of his country but also to impress his girlfriend — Sira Martinez — who also happens to be the coach’s daughter.

When the 22-year-old executed a penalty kick in the 31st minute to extend Spain’s lead to 3-0, Torres celebrated the play with his teammates and took the time to make a special gesture at Martinez.

Torres, who currently plays for La Liga in Barcelona, ​​began long-distance dating with 22-year-old Martinez when he used to play for Manchester City (2020-22). The pair currently live in Barcelona.

Earlier this week, Coach Luis Enrique was asked about his relationship with Torres and he joked, “If I had to choose who is my extension on the pitch, I would say Ferran, because if not, my daughter Kills me.”

In response to the incident a day later, Torres said, “I don’t take it as added pressure, we know that the Coach is a Joker and he simply made a joke while he was alive.”

When asked about how he is able to separate work and pleasure, Torres said it was quite simple.

“The Coach and I know how to differentiate when he is family and when he is a Coach and I a player. We deal with it naturally.”

Spain went on to Crush Costa Rica 7-0 on Wednesday and to say the least, Torres should be able to remain in Coach Enrique’s good graces if the Red Fury maintains this high level.


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