Skyrim Clip Shows Fugitive Interrupting Dragon Fight

As a dragon lands behind a Skyrim player and starts breathing fire on them, the Fugitive interrupts the fight to inadvertently help the dragon.

The Fugitive and Courier are two of the most intrusive characters in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim as they often show up at unexpected moments and cause occasional deaths with their unfortunate timing. One Skyrim fan was recently interrupted during a dragon fight when the Fugitive made an appearance while the dragon continued its attack.

Reddit user Enriched_Uranium posted a clip several days ago from their exploration of the world of Skyrim in which an Ancient Dragon is circling the sky above the player. Adding to the intensity often felt when dragons suddenly show up, the Skyrim player’s view of the dragon is obstructed by a few trees that block parts of the sky. Slowing down between two of these trees, the Ancient Dragon lands on the empty flat patch of ground behind Enriched_Uranium and begins its attack while the player improves their Archery with a few shots from their Ebony Bow.


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The dragon in Enriched_Uranium’s clip immediately begins breathing fire on the Skyrim player upon landing on the grass patch, which causes the player to hide behind one of the several trees in the mountainous area. Coming back from behind the tree, Enriched_Uranium is greeted by the Fugitive, one of the NPCs that have encounter rates that are equally as random as the many Skyrim dragons. The Fugitive tells the Skyrim player, “take this and hold onto it, I’ll be back for it later. I’ll pay you good!” but Enriched_Uranium is unable to respond to the NPC.

While the Fugitive is speaking to Enriched_Uranium, the player is powerless to defend themselves from the fire-breathing Ancient Dragon, which the NPC is unsure exists. This gives the Skyrim player fire damage which persists throughout the conversation with the Fugitive, causing Enriched_Uranium to die before replying to the Fugitive. When the Skyrim Fugitive isn’t ushering the downfall of Skyrim fans like Enriched_Uranium, the NPC gives a Skyrim player an item to hold onto while they continue their tasks before a hunter eventually shows up asking about the Fugitive.

Because Enriched_Uranium’s Skyrim character can slow time with their bow, it’s clear their Archery level is high enough to use the Steady Hand perk, which requires a level of 40, with an upgrade available at a higher rank. Although the Skyrim player was unable to defeat the Ancient Dragon, they may have had better luck under different circumstances given that the Ebony Bow is one of the best bows in Skyrim. One Skyrim fan responding to Enriched_Uranium’s clip pointed out that the game locks players to these dialogue moments in which they’re still killable, while the NPCs are invulnerable.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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