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SHERIDAN – As temperatures sat in the 30s and the occasional wind gust swirled Monday afternoon at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course, Kaelee Saner admitted her team’s first practice of the week might also be its last.

Such is life for the Sheridan Broncs’ Golfers during the spring season, especially when it still snows April 12 with high temperatures in the 30s and low 40s the rest of the week.

“You can’t bundle up in golf,” Saner said. “You can bundle up and put gloves on and run, but with golf, you can’t do that. You can’t bundle up and swing. ”

Sheridan held his first two spring practices last week before competing in Worland, where both the boys and girls teams won Friday. The Broncs practice less in the spring than the fall season due to weather-related cancellations, but when they do get together, the objectives remain the same: to have fun and get better.

The cold can benefit them in a weird way.

“You always have to try to go to the next shot and think about that instead of overthinking (your previous shot) and making it harder on yourself,” said senior Katie Jorgenson, who added she thinks the spring season is more psychologically challenging than the fall.

That onto-the-next-shot approach is what Saner emphasizes year round. It’s especially pertinent in the spring when the cold can numb a golfer’s hands, make the ball not fly as far and cut into some of the team’s training time.

“I don’t want them to put a lot of pressure on themselves,” Saner said. “I don’t change a lot (in the spring) except I try to be a little more lax and help them be a little more lax. Worland was great. I told them just to have fun and get back into the flow and rhythm of golf. And they had fun. They were just smiling. Literally every kid who had a bad hole bounced back with something way better and didn’t let it affect them. ”

This season, Sheridan rosters 24 golfers, which is slightly less than the fall. Soccer and track pulled a couple of athletes away from the team. But 4A individual boys Champion Brock Owings Returns, as do three of the five girls that collectively claimed a team title in September.

That experience helps, Saner said. The Golfers went through the fall season and had success, so they understand their respective games and know what Saner expects on a daily basis. They can formulate more individualized practice plans.

Jorgenson, for example, decided to spend more time on the practice green than the driving range last week, and she got it paid off in Worland. She placed third.

“They’re more focused in the spring,” Saner said. “It’s just condensed due to the weather. I feel like they talk a little bit less and work a little bit more to get as much work as we can done in the short amount of time. ”

The Broncs have seven meets – six remaining – this season, which runs through May 17. Their last two tournaments are in Sheridan, May 10 at the Powder Horn and May 16-17 at Kendrick.


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