“Shaq Is Weirdly Obsessed”: 8x NBA All-Star Receives Fans’ Backing for Clapping Back at ‘Professional Hater’ Shaquille O’Neal

Over the years, NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal has been highly critical of an eight-time All-Star. Finally, the former NBA Champion fired back at Shaq and called him a hater. Even the NBA fans have backed the former champion and they trolled the “Professional Hater” Shaq.


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Shaq has been very critical of Dwight Howard over the years. The latest Criticism was when Howard went to the Taiwanese basketball league and Shaq called it the “Lifetime fitness league”. Howard seemingly had enough, and he fired back at the four-time NBA champion.


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They said, “I’ve never in my life hated you as a man, as a basketball player, anything like that…I know I show love to everyone in the world. Stop hating. I saw a video of you talking about me playing basketball in Taiwan, and I’m playing at a Lifetime Fitness league.”

“Don’t disrespect my teammates and this league and these people in Taiwan like that. That is highly disrespectful, and it’s hating. You’re too old to be hating. You’re too big to be hating,” Howard added.

NBA world turns on Shaquille O’Neal after Dwight Howard fires back

The NBA world seems to have had enough of Shaq’s criticism of the former Lakers player. They backed Howard and called out Shaq for all the years of hating.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:

A history of Shaq mocking Howard

Shaquille O’Neal has been criticizing Howard for a while now. Back when both these stars were still playing, Shaq got back that Howard started calling himself ‘Superman’, which was Shaq’s nickname. And when Howard’s moved to the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time and that experiment failed, Shaq mocked him again.


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about 3 hours ago

They mocked Howard even after he went to the Houston Rockets and other franchises, but most of the time, it was for his play. But when Howard won the title in 2020 with the Lakers and went on Instagram live afterwards, he was very emotional. However, Shaq called Howard out for acting like he was a core part of the team, saying that he was only a role player.


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