See ‘Pinball Wizard’ mosaics in Scottsdale

When Colorado-based artist Annette Coleman was younger, she would take her daughter to the splash pad in Boulder.

Now, she’s making artwork for splash pads. Her newest work, “Pinball Wizard,” has been added to the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection near the Marshall Way Bridge at Scottsdale Waterfront.

The project comprises a new concrete wall and bench with 30 concrete spheres and domes of various sizes that are covered with stained glass, plus inset waves of vertical glass mosaic pieces in the bench.

“I hope more people find that splash pad now that there’s art there,” Coleman said. “I’m hoping with this installation that people find this and have fun with it.

“I would hope the Scottsdale community embraces the ‘Pinball Wizard’ installation and it becomes much like the ‘LOVE’ sculpture by Robert Indiana for wedding, shower, and family reunion photos.”

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