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Large crowds, long lines and overly expensive souvenir cups. If these sightings give you travel anxiety, then the hot spot destinations of South Padre Island and Cancun may not be for you or your family this March 14. Thankfully, there are low-key locales that offer a less noisy vacation away from the packed beaches and water parks. If you’re looking to break away from the crowds for a quiet, relaxing getaway for you and your family, these destinations offer the secluded spring break that you need.

Nanuku | Fiji

Located on a 500-acre coastal estate on the islands of Fiji, Nanuku provides a lush tropical oasis perfect for some private vacation time. Its villas range from 900 to 1,850 square feet and face the beachside for stunning sights of the coast, while the on-site Lomana Spa rejuvenates your body through holistic healing massages. Boat excursions take you on fun adventures around the island, whether you’re deep-sea fishing in the South Pacific or watching the sun go down on a sunset cruise. And with exotic cliff sides, treetops and pool bars, you can enjoy Nanuku’s flavorful Pacific Rim cuisine from anywhere while taking in the gorgeous views at the same time. Whether you walk barefoot on the beach or decompress in the outdoor hot tub, Nanuku offers a whole new way to experience spring break.

New Smyrna Beach | Florida

While many Florida spring breakers will be flocking to Daytona or Miami Beach, others will relish in the low-key vibes that New Smyrna Beach offers instead. With over 17 miles of white, sandy shores, New Smyrna Beach is perfect for families looking to have their own beach experiences without all of the noisiness that comes with the spring break crowds. Several town homes and lofts are located along the coast, giving tourists plenty of options when it comes to their stay. Week-long dolphin, manatee and sea turtle boat tours will let you experience the Atlantic Ocean in a whole new way, while those looking for a bolder adventure can suit up with one of the local diving companies and go shark diving. After all, it isn’t spring break without a little adventure and excitement.

Mountain View Grand Resort | New Hampshire

If mountains and slopes suit you better for spring break, then few offer sights more stunning than the Mountain View Grand Resort in New Hampshire. Nestled between the White Mountain range, the Mountain View Grand Resort has provided families with exceptional mountainous experiences since 1865. Its animal farm houses an eclectic collection of sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and angora rabbits that kids can interact with, while nearby targets test your ax-throwing capabilities. And its indoor entertainment center lets guests choose from a variety of different games and more than 500 movies. When ready to unwind, couples can throw on their robes and check in to the award-winning tower spa, where they can enjoy a variety of massage, body and facial treatments while soaking in the sweet view.

Enchantment Resort | Arizona

Phoenix may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to spring break destinations, but it should be. The Enchantment Resort in particular, which rests on 70 acres in Boynton Canyon, gives you respite unmatched by most overnight accommodations. Its fitness facilities provide access to several outdoor sports including croquet, bocce ball, foosball, pickleball, golf and air hockey, while the canyon walk lets you hike and bike trails with ease and accessibility. The Tii Gavo, or “gathering place,” provides guests with spectacular views of the canyonside while socializing around a marble fire pit. And with an on-site astronomer, you’ll find yourself entranced by the night sky as you stargaze all night long.


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