Scared About Getting ‘Obsessed’ With Golf, Cincinnati Bengals QB Reveals His Major Reason For Staying Loyal to NFL and Not Playing Golf

Joe Burrow has become synonymous with American football, particularly in the National Football League. Burrow was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals and quickly established himself as a rising star in the league. But Burrow is not only known for his talents on the football field but also for his passion for the game of golf.

The quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals recently spoke about his love for the game of golf and the balance he must maintain in order to prioritize his responsibilities on the field.

Joe Burrow opens up on playing Golf


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The most important aspects of any sport are passion and commitment. When a sports person opts to play a sport, the aim is to be the best. They don’t believe in mediocrity. It was the case with Joe Burrow. He has already established himself as a star when it comes to the NFL. According to an Instagram post by the official PGA Tour handle. Burrow in an interview said, “I know if I Play and I stink, I’m going to get obsessed with it and then I’m going to put way too much time into it and neglect the thing I need to put time into.


Joe Burrow Kickstarts Offseason With Round of Golf With 49ers’ Nick Bosa and Phoenix Suns’ Star Devin Booker

11 months ago


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Golf has always been a great way for athletes to relax and unwind. It requires a different type of focus and concentration than other sports. But the NFL star wants to be a pro at it too; golf is no hobby for the young star. Joe, being his introspective self, revealed that he has not been taking up golf because if he is poor at it, he is going to go all in on the sport until he grasps a hold of it.

But there is going to be a lot of time with the rising stars of the NFL during this offseason. How about taking up a new sport and challenging yourself? Clearly, there’s plenty of time in the off-season for athletes to pursue their hobbies and interests. This way, Burrow will be able to enjoy the game of golf while simultaneously being dedicated to his professional responsibilities. The PGA Tour, through its Instagram handle, is totally trying to encourage Joe to take up golf and fall in love with it.


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Would you like to see Joe dig his hands deep into golf during the coming offseason? Write your answers in our comment section below.

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