Rapper DinDin apologizes to Paulo Bento and the national soccer team on his Instagram story

Rapper DinDin cheered for the Korean national soccer team.

On November 24th, DinDin updated his Instagram story with pictures from the group H match of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Along with pictures, he wrote, “I’m sorry. The Republic of Korea team is the best. Go team Korea!!!!” “I won’t forget everything our national team showed tonight. I apologize for my thoughtlessness. I’m sorry!! Go team Korea!! I’ll be rooting even Harder for the rest of the World Cup! Go team Korea!! Thank you our national team!! Great work! Stay healthy for the rest of the matches and fighting!!”

Previously on October 24th, they drew mixed reactions for throwing shade at Paulo Bentowho is currently a head coach of the Korean national soccer team, and the Korean national team is the SBS radio show.

During the show, he made comments such as, “I didn’t get the feeling he regularly watches Korean league.”, “I personally think he’ll get the hopes up by tying with Uruguay and run afterwards.”, “I feel like he won’t say hi to us at all”, “Let’s be honest. We all know we’re not going to make it to the rounds of 16. Why are you saying that we’re going to make it? It’s so annoying, like, make it make sense.” , and “I can already see Bento giving a side eye.”


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