Putin cozies up to stunning flight attendants, while keeping Emmanuel Macron 20ft away!

While the crisis with Ukraine raged on, Russian President Vladimir Putin took an unusual trip. Putin visited Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot’s training center and spoke with its employees. The Russian president thanked flight crew, students, and female employees of the Aeroflot Aviation Faculty on the impending International Women’s Day. It didn’t go unnoticed that Putin gave flowers to the employees and then snapped pictures without social distancing himself during his visit.

In recent weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept foreign leaders and even his own cabinet members at arm’s length by seating them at the far end of enormous and expensive tables. For his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in February both leaders sat feet apart at opposite ends of a long table. Putin’s fear of getting Covid-19 was said to be the reason. On a visit to Aeroflot’s training center in Moscow, however, the president appeared unconcerned about such issues.


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Putin during his meeting with female staff of state airline Aeroflot (Twitter)

Putin tried out an aviation simulator for Russia’s self-built Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner and a training cockpit for the Russian MC-21 medium-haul narrow-body airliner during his visit, according to Daily Mail. Afterward, Putin sat down for a question and answer session accompanied by a group of young female flight attendants after taking a tour of the facility. There was no social distancing between Putin and the cabin crew, and he appeared unconcerned about getting close to them. Some people on social media pointed out that the picture opportunity and footage from the situation, especially his proximity to the female staff, seemed suspicious. One Twitter user wrote, “Putin uses a green screen in today’s meeting. The hand appears to go through the microphone .. the microphone disappears & the hand magically goes through it… ”

Another user wrote, “based on the intimate seating arrangement in this photo-op, I’d say Puti’s much more afraid of the men in his inner circle. No 50 ‘tables in this shot. ” Someone wrote, “Putin won’t sit within 50 feet of his top generals or economists, but the flight attendants get the normal-table treatment.” “Putin, during a strategic meeting with Russian flight attendants: In Russia, people can freely express their opinion about our actions in Ukraine. But in Ukraine, those who express the same opinions – and we have proof – they are fetched on the street and shot. Just shot. “Yet another person added.

Meanwhile, before the Ukraine and Russia crisis, Aeroflot Group airlines operated 100 foreign routes to 53 countries just before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. From March 8, Aeroflot will only travel to Minsk. One female first officer on Aeroflot’s Airbus A320 fleet declared to Putin that everyone onboard “supports your actions and the special operation underway there.” Another First Officer, on the other hand, was concerned about the likelihood of martial law, which has been circulating in Russia for the past week. Putin replied that he hopes “it will not come to that”.

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