Presidents Cup Coverage Is All Commercials And Golf Fans Are Livid

In case you haven’t seen, there’s a Presidents Cup golf tournament going on right now.

And, apparently, several fans haven’t I see a lot of anything.

We’re nearly two full days into the event, and golf fans have evidently had ENOUGH of NBC, Peacock and Golf Channel’s coverage.

Their biggest issue? Well, it’s simple, but a pretty glaring one: they’re not actually seeing any golf!

At least fans in attendance get to see what’s going on at the Presidents Cup. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Instead of simply showing the action on the course – which shouldn’t be difficult considering the style of tournament and number of players actually on the course – viewers have so far been treated to constant commercials, split-screen coverage, and more filler content than anyone signed up for.

Predictably, everyone has just about had enough of it.

Presidents Cup coverage roasted on social media

Those, by the way, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Fans were outraged during Thursday’s opening round at Quail Hollow, calling the coverage “dreadful,” mocking a now viral picture of a mostly empty grandstand and bemoaning the lack of superstars in the event.

Of course, the PGA’s favorite new startup – LIV Golf – was also mentioned by several fans.


For those wondering, it’s an Absolute Bloodbath at the moment in favor of the good guys. The US is currently up 4-1 as we enter the afternoon portion of Day 2.

Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the action if you don’t blink!

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