Police: Thieves targeting unattended golf carts at Louisville’s Seneca Golf Course | Crime Reports

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A series of thefts at Seneca Park Golf Course has golfers on the edge.

Police said several people have reported having items Stolen while playing on the course over the past two weeks. Many people keep their valuable belongings in golf carts when they’re hitting shots, providing a crime of opportunity for Thieves.

“They’re just running out of a car and snatching them and running back to the car very quickly,” said Kevin Greenwell, general manager of Seneca Golf Course.

Investigators said most of thefts happened on the eighth hole, near Pee Wee Reese Road. The Thieves are pulling up to the road near the hole and Stealing items from golf carts while players are busy teeing off or putting, police said.

This photo taken on April 14, 2022 at Seneca Golf Course in Louisville, Ky., Shows a woman using a golf cart to get around the course. Police say numerous items have been stolen from those carts when they were left unattended.

Some of the Stolen valuables include phones, Purses and wallets. In at least one case, someone found a set of keys in a golf cart and used them to steal a car.

It happened to Mary Jane Miller, who came back to her golf cart to find her purse had been Stolen.

“Just here playing golf on a Tuesday morning, and apparently, the eruption was stolen from the cart while we were down on the green,” Miller said. “They took the purse, found my car keys inside and then stole the car from the parking lot.”

Police said Thieves have also tried to break into unlocked cars parked at the clubhouse.

“It’s disturbing that people come out to enjoy our parks and enjoy a beautiful day like today to play golf and they get back to their car, and somebody’s broken into it,” Greenwell said.

“Must be pretty sad to have to do that, but it is what it is,” Miller added.

Kevin Greenwell

Pictured: Seneca Golf Course Manager Kevin Greenwell talks about a series of thefts at the course in Louisville, Ky., On April 14, 2022.

That’s why police and golf course officials are reminding people to lock their vehicles, keep valuables stored away and be aware of the surroundings.

Louisville Metro Police said it has been investigating thefts and has arrested two individuals they believe to be responsible for the crimes.

Officers are still searching for others.

“We were able to tie almost 20 different reports to one group of individuals that were responsible,” LMPD Sgt. Brad Jones said.

But Miller said the thefts won’t put a divot in the hobby she loves.

“It really is sad but doesn’t keep us from golfing,” she said.

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