Pitt Football Adds Richmond Spiders To Future Schedule

The Pitt football non-conference schedule has been challenging over the last few years and will remain so over the next couple of seasons.

Unlike a majority of teams, Pitt has made the decision of playing multiple Power Five programs instead of scheduling a few cupcake games prior to the ACC Conference schedule. This season, the Panthers took on West Virginia and Tennessee, while also playing a road game at Western Michigan, one of the top programs in the MAC Conference. Next season, things remain difficult as Pitt will play Notre Dame, Cincinnati and West Virginia.

Today, we found out about a future non-conference game that isn’t of the tough Power Five variety.

Seven years from now, Pitt has scheduled a game against the Richmond Spiders for the 2029 season. The Spiders have added five ACC teams to their future football schedule: North Carolina in 2025, NC State in 2026, Louisville in 2027, Virginia in 2028 and Pitt in 2029. Richmond played Virginia this season, losing 34-17 and has upcoming games against Michigan State in 2023 and Virginia in 2024.

In terms of Pitt, here is their non-conference schedule over the next few seasons.

2023: vs. Cincinnati, at West Virgina and at Notre Dame. Pitt still has one opening.

2024: vs. Kent State, at Cincinnati, vs. West Virginia and vs. Youngstown State.

2025: vs. Central Michigan, at West Virginia, vs. Notre Dame. Pitt still has one opening.

2026: at. Badger State. Pitt with 3 openings.

2027: vs. Wisconsin. Pitt with 3 openings.

2028: vs. Notre Dame. Pitt with 3 openings.

2029: vs. West Virgina, vs. Richmond. Pitt with 2 openings.

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