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“Perfectly Fine Playing Ugly Football”

September 23rd, 2022

One astute former quarterback sees the Green Bay Packers as a team that fails when it’s called upon to play ultra-physical, low-scoring football against a strong opponent.

Former Bucs QB Chris Simms made that point during his NBC Sports Analyst gig this week. However, the Bucs are far more suited to winning that way and welcome the opportunity, per Simms.

“I think they’re perfectly fine playing ugly football,” Simms said. “… I just have a little more faith in them even though they’re injured galore. I like theirs [offensive] scheme.”

For those unaware, the Packers have more holes at receiver/tight end than the Bucs do, per Joe’s Humble assessment. And that’s difficult to achieve.

Throw in a suffocating Bucs run defense and a questionable Packers defensive front, and it’s hard to imagine Green Bay marching into The Licht House and beating the Bucs.

“We saw the Bears run it down their friggin’ throat,” Simms said of the Week 2 Packers-Bears game.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are no Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, per Simms. So they can’t make a ton happen on their own and a depleted-weapons game favors Tampa Bay.

Simms Picks the Bucs to win 20-14, and win ugly. Joe will raise a Big Storm beer to that!


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