Palm Springs area golf courses may not see green fees fall as much this summer

For many desert golfers, the summer is the time to play their favorite recreational game. Not only have snowbirds and tourists left the desert, opening up more tee times, but the decline in the number of golfers means courses drop their green fees to attract players to get out into the heat.

Well, that’s the way it usually works. But for the summer of 2022, May 1 doesn’t necessarily mean more affordable golf.

As demand for golf has remained high since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the laws of supply and demand have pushed green fees higher. With the belief that demand will remain high in the summer – though certainly not as high as the winter – golf courses are likely to keep their prices higher than summer Golfers might expect.

“It’s probably safe to say that prices, they will be lower than what they were in February and March, but I think they will be higher than previous years,” said Randy Duncan, general manager of SilverRock Resort in La Quinta. “Just because the demand is still there.”

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Duncan said they did a traditional drop of prices in the middle of April, but not the same kind of drop they would normally do. The reason is simple: Lots of people are still playing golf. Rates at the course for May run from a high of $ 118 on weekdays and $ 127 on the weekend for prime tee times, but those will drop to $ 65 and $ 75 by July, according to the SilverRock website booking page.

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