Palm Beach couple commits $15 million to Guggenheim for arts education

A trustee’s job is to determine an organization’s need and then look far and wide for a check-writer.

Unless that trustee is Palm Beach Resident Gail May Engelberg, who found a need and then found a check-writer very, very near.

She only had to look in the mirror.

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Engelberg, a trustee of New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, along with her husband, Alfred, and their eponymous foundation, have committed $15 million to endow the institution’s arts education programs.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York has received a $15 million Endowment from Palm Beach Residents Gail May and Albert Engelberg and their eponymous foundation, for its arts education programs.

The museum announced the gift on July 20.

“My parents taught me the importance of the arts and arts education when I was a young girl and brought me to New York to visit the Guggenheim,” said Engelberg, who also serves as chairman of the Guggenheim Foundation’s education committee and is a fierce advocate for arts education.

“The arts have been an essential part of my life ever since.”

The gift will fuel the museum’s ongoing commitment to a space for community engagement and connection through the arts.

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