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A recent survey of all officials across all sports in North Carolina found more than half considered quitting over the last two years, citing sportsmanship and compensation as their top concerns. So Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio were refs for an inter-squad scrimmage at Millbrook High School to prove a point — basketball officiating is very hard! Parents, players, and coaches need to reevaluate how they treat local officials, because without refs, there’s no sports.

Hey, it’s the OG Alongside Joe. DiLeo. My job is we’re at Millbrook High school in Raleigh and we’ve been talked into officiating a scrimmage basketball game to prove a point. Joe officiating is hard. Yes, that is the point. Thankless job and difficult. We have SAM bill and Chuck collectively. We’ve got about 100 years of officiating experience here. What’s one thing we’re gonna get right today? Bill album mechanics. I knew it was contact. I knew it was contact. What’s the biggest mistake we’re gonna make tonight’s positioning. If we aren’t in position, we can’t make a credible call, go to the baseline, Joe. Okay. It’s not the running part. It’s the angle part. If you can get good Angles you can pretty much a referee, white, white ball, white ball, he was out of bounds. So what, what do I have to watch for? What am I looking for? Um, We each will have certain areas that we’re looking at on the basketball court. One official will actually have the ball and the defender there. The person that’s in the league will have areas that’s in the paint post play and things of that nature and the center official will have will assist in the paint but outside when you blow your whistle, spit it out. One thing about it, when you blow your whistle, everything, everything is gonna stop. Yeah. And you don’t want to go to the table. Doing this with a whistle in your mouth. Hello, your whistle. You definitely need to get an arm up. That’s a foul, closed fist is a file. Open hand is a violation and one doesn’t know the number. The basket’s good though. Am I gonna get yelled at by a coach? Yeah, you screw up bad enough chris at Millbrook. He’ll yell at you. I saw it. I saw the ritual over here. I can see that you were walking that way. Can I talk back in a calm, respectful manner? I would say Tonight you’re actually probably gonna get off easy because this is an inter uh inter team scrimmage. But uh, if this was Friday night you, you probably be getting chased out in the parking lot but I can’t wait. This shirt is ridiculous. I already feel ridiculous. I’m just gonna make a fool of myself tonight. So what do you think is the biggest difference of what fans are watching like when I’m watching? I’m not, I’m not watching a basketball game to see three seconds. I’m not watching a basketball game for any of those things. What is the biggest misconception that a fan might have versus what you are watching as an official? The difference between us and Spectators and Spectators are stationary. So officials are moving to be able to look through the play where Spectators only get it from one stationary angle? That’s why they don’t, that’s why we see different stuff than them. We always say with three officials. One official is watching the ball too are watching off the ball for all the shenanigans that happen off the ball? What we’re evaluating as officials is was an advantage gained by that move or was it a disadvantage given to an opponent? That’s when we’ll blow the whistle. Did you carve up before you did this? I ate a whole plate of alfredo. I’m ready to go. The best of luck with that. You’re gonna mask all my mistakes. You can pick up for us which side you want. I’ll take I’ll take this. I’m very much in the let them play category. So, you know, coming here, you just moved down there. Okay. Ummm. That was a good call. All I know is a foul. Okay. I totally forgot who I called it by the way, You can’t lean on him. 11 white balls. I lost the number 34 34. See that’s the thing that I’m having a hard time processing is where to be. I don’t know where to be. I’m trying to conserve. I’m like, I’m like Lebron and his prom, just like conserving my energy. All right, that was our ball. So what is that? 34, 34. 34. Tin. Well, he is you talking you talking trash here? Three? Right. What’s that? Oh by the way it’s a white ball. All right. All right. Well, no no no reach time out blue. Yeah, it’s funny. It’s not the physicality of running. It’s the distraction Or do I have to touch it first? My fault. Inadvertent whistle. It’s still a blue ball though actually I think it’s a jump ball. I’m giving you I’m giving you a warning. This is the warning warning warning. Warning. Coaches don’t like me over. Their coaches don’t like me over there and none of the fans, one more, one more, one more, one more, one more stop. Who said you suck? Somebody said you suck. Who said it? Who said it? Who said it? I heard it. I heard it. I heard it. That’s a T. That’s a T. That’s a T. Somebody said on the bench, you suck. I’m giving a bench a whole bench technical, whole bench technical two shots. Right? Good. You get all right for the first time I thought, you know, it’s a process. Nobody’s gonna learn how to referee in one night, one year, two years. It’s a really it’s a process because the thing that I have noticed, if somebody’s always talking to you and this is just a scrimmage with nobody here. Okay. It’s just the players talking to coaches talking are they talking to me? They’re talking to the players, They’re talking to each other. It’s a lot now you throw that on, on top of that. I’m guessing with fans yelling at you because you missed a call. Everything else because honestly to me was the biggest issue that I had outside of like the speed of the game. But just being distracted is really easy if I’m in a game with a new guy, if he makes a call, even if he misses that call, if I’m standing in front of that Coach when he comes by me, I’ m gonna tell that guy good call. But I got to show him that I have confidence in him as an official. You always have to support your fellow official. And then when you get in the locker room, you might tell, you know, you did, you did Blow that call now, you know that, don’t you? But I’m guessing every offseason you probably, you break down tape, you’re probably rereading the rulebooks, memorizing all the stuff they do.

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