Ordonez / C-Ray hosts Youth Cycling Races

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Mar. 2, 2022– The Ordonez Bike Shop Belize in collaboration with the C-Ray Cycling Club hosted our first, of what will continue monthly, Youth Cycling Races. The first day of races was held on Sunday, February 27, inside the Marion Jones Sports Complex. A total of 51 youths between the ages of 3 and 18 had the opportunity to participate in these cycling races across nine different categories: Tiny Mites 3-5 years, Girls; Tiny Mites 3-5 years, Boys; Tiny Mites 6-8 years, Girls; Tiny Mites 6-8 years, Boys; Girls 9-13 years; Girls 14-18 years; Boys 9-12 years; Boys 13-15 years; and Boys 16-18 years.

Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, youth cycling events were a frequent practice of the C-Ray Cycling Club. Now, with the ease of restrictions, we were extremely excited to invite the youths back out for more fun filled afternoons of bike racing. These events continue to be geared towards populating the junior category at the highest level of cycling in the country with both male and female participants, as well as to introduce these young athletes to cycling and get them inducted into the sport.

The top five winners in each category were called to the podium and the top three received medals. All 51 registered youths received a token at the award ceremony for participating.

Special thanks to the other sponsors who made February’s event possible: Ordonez Bike Shop Chicago, Project Jumpstart Belize, Aim Belize Freight, Bernard Sanchez, National Sports Council of Belize, CANO, Warren Coye, BTB, Philton aka Cracka, Bowen & Bowen: Powerade , Crystal.

The March edition of this event will be held on Sunday, March 27, inside the Marion Jones Sports Complex. Registration starts at 1:30 pm and the first race kicks off at 2:00 pm Registration is free. Admission is free. Snacks and drinks will be on sale.

Tiny Mites 3-5 Girls, (l to r) 2nd Shay Leslie, 1st Maya Pitter, Tiny Mites 3-5 Boys – Frederick Sutherland and Tiny Mites 6-8 Girls – Ariya Belgrave

(lr) Tiny Mites 6-8 Boys – Drew Ordonez, Girls 9-13 – 2nd Tyler Robateau, 1st Ayesha Rowland, Girls 14-18 – 2nd Vinshae Martin, 1st Abby Leslie

Boys 9-12, (l to r) 4th Arren Pope, 2nd Jahmai Lewis, 1st Kyron Staine, 3rd Jonathan Espinoza and 5th Anthony Miller

Boys 13-15, (l to r) 4th Hubert Grinage, 2nd Jaheem Lewis, 1st Steven Sylvester, 3rd Keith Enwright and 5th Jaylen Briceño

Boys 16-18, (l to r) 4th Devontae Bennett, 2nd Mar Bowman, 1st Elwin Humes, 3rd Travis Grinage and 5th Wayne Menzies

Results for Sunday, February 27
Tiny Mites 3-5 years, Girls – 1st Maya Pitter; 2nd Shay Leslie.
Tiny Mites 3-5 years, Boys – 1st Frederick Sutherland.
Tiny Mites 6-8 years, Girls – 1st Ariya Belgrave.
Tiny Mites 6-8 years, Boys – 1st Drew Ordonez
Girls 9-13 years – 1st Ayesha Rowland; 2nd Tyler Robateau.
Girls 14-18 years – 1st Abby Leslie; 2nd Vinshae Martin.
Boys 9-12 years – 1st Kyron Staine; 2nd Jahmai Lewis; 3rd Jonathan Espinoza; 4th Arren Pope; 5th Anthony Miller.
Boys 13-15 years – 1st Steven Sylvester; 2nd Jaheem Lewis; 3rd Keith Enwright; 4th Hubert Grinage; 5th Jaylen Briceno.
Boys 16-18 years – 1st Elwin Humes; 2nd Mar Bowman; 3rd Travis Grinage; 4th Devontae Bennett; 5th Wayne Menzies.

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