‘Not A Soccer Mom Seltzer:’ Meet Drippy, The New THC:CBN Infused Soda And Digital Ecosystem

Drippy Enterprises has launched its first line of cannabis-infused beverages in California.

This “high-minded” soda was conceived for OGs and is “not a soccer mom seltzer,” the Creators explain. With distinguishing flavors and celebrated for its heavy-hitting psychoactive effects, Drippy is crafted to the highest quality; all products are made of 100% natural ingredients.

“As Legacy cannabis consumers, our team saw that the Emerging brands in the ‘drinkables’ category were overlooking the Legacy cannabis market but rather they pandered to a new consumer who was looking for low dose, non-alcoholic social beverages,” founding member Michael Thale told Benzinga. “We quickly realized that we were the team to make a drink for consumers like us. So here we are two years later after multiple iterations of R&D and flavor development, excited to share with California, a cannabis-infused soda that will surely elevate any occasion.”

A Web3 Home

Drippy has also launched a Web3 home that will grow into a cannabis retail delivery program across California in the future. This platform will also be used for live performances, educational sessions, integrated Twitter spaces, token-gated merchandise drops and more.

According to the creators, Drippy is tapped into the cannabis culture, putting its customers’ feedback as its highest priority – so much so that the company is giving customers the ability to vote on innovations like flavors, package design and IRL experiences.

The Drippy High Club NFT

The brand has also launched the Drippy High Club NFT program. Since its kick off, members have already participated in exclusive events including a tasting experience prepared by an award-winning chef who paired all three soda flavors with tasting dishes. Additionally, holders of the High Club NFT received special access to the 2022 Summer X Games. Many more unique experiences are planned for the months and years to come.

In addition, Drippy has launched a series of VR and AR experiences on Instagram and WhatsApp. These creative expressions will grow over time as the Drippy community expands, giving creatives tools to empower themselves and express their individuality in the real world, Metaverse and beyond.

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