Norwegian beach handball team Protest for more gender equality, and it starts with the uniform

Sport was created in order to be healthy of course, but also to have fun and to meet people from different origins, genders… Sport is supposed to be a safe place, where people can relax.

The female Norwegian handball team and especially their Captain Tonje Lerstad started handball for these reasons: friendship and respect values. But, the European handball Federation is not respecting them. In fact, historically, from the invention of the beach handball competitions to today, Women’s teams were forced to wear bikinis whereas men had no rules about their uniform. That is why the Norwegian team decided, during the beach handball world cup, to wear simple shorts instead of the bikinis allowed. After that rebellion, the EHF Federation said that the team will have to pay 1,500 million euros for not respecting the rules. But, fortunately, they also decided that now women could wear short tight pants and a body fit tank top.

In my opinion, the rules about the uniform of women were very sexist and the singer Pink tweeted that she could pay the 1,500 million euros and BJ king the tennis woman hero too. I think that Tonje Lersatd was very brave to do this because she could be disqualified. For me, the new rules are still sexist because boys have no rules and girls still have some. I guess, and I know, because I play beach handball too, that this is more difficult to play with bikinis than with shorts and tee-shirts. I want to say thanks to the Norwegian team because thanks to these girls, all the beach handball women players can play with less contradictions abour their “uniforms”. So it was a big step for gender equality in sport.

Sport is here to have fun but also to fight for causes and for a better world. During sport events you can speak out in the respect of the others of course. So now that the rules have changed a little, why not change them in order to have a complete gender equality!!


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