North Londoner smashes Everesting cycling world record

The backdrop of the Salève mountain on the French / Swiss border was the scene for a world record achievement this weekend as Nima Javaheri, from North London, completed his ride of the mountain’s iconic La Croisette climb over 50 times.

In doing so, he has conquered one of cycling’s toughest challenges and achieved a world record-breaking elevation of 40,000 meters – on a mountain that has never been Everested before thanks to its gradient and challenging descents.

Nima’s Everesting world record is all in aid of Blood Cancer UK, inspired by his friend and former colleague David Rogers, from Essex, who has been living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) since 2013.

Nima said: “I’ve known David for many years now and our mutual love of cycling has seen us move from former colleagues to firm friends and I know, if things were different, he’d have achieved this record with me.

“During my ride, when things were tough, the thought of David facing his daily chemo kept me going, as well as the difference this fundraising will make to others battling with blood cancer.

“The last few days have been beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before – the cold especially.

“Mentally, the first day was tough as I was riding alone but so many cyclists have joined me on the final legs – the support has been incredible.”

David said: “If you were trying to describe the nicest person in the world you would be describing Nima. He’s got an inner will and power to push and achieve these sorts of feats and I’m in awe of what he’s done this week and so wished I could have been there with him.

“We’ve already beaten our original fundraising target of £ 8,000 for Blood Cancer UK but every penny counts for this incredible charity so I’d encourage people to search for Everesting Xn Challenge at and donate.”

Andy van Bergen is the founder of the cycling challenge, Everesting, in which riders complete a continuous ride of any hill or mountain until they have climbed 8,848metres – the equivalent of Mount Everest.

Andy said: “What Nima has achieved here is nothing short of incredible. He’s only the fourth person to have ever completed a quadruple Everesting and the first to have reached 50,000 meters.

“What he’s put his body through is phenomenal but I know his determination to raise as much as possible for Blood Cancer UK would have kept him going.”

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