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The NMI National Badminton Team has won one and lost two matches in the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

The NMI’s debut match was against the powerhouse team of Tahiti which won 5-0 on Monday at the Ada gym.

Tahiti is led by Oceania gold medalist Remi Rossi. He showcased his dominance in the opening Mixed Doubles match with teammate Melissa Mi You when they outplayed the NMI’s Jordan Pangilinan and Windy Fernandez, 21-8, 21-9.

In the Men’s Singles, Tahiti’s Quentin Bernaix defeated the NMI’s Andreau Galvez, 21-8, 21-8, while Tahiti’s Jenica Lesourd bested the NMI’s Janelle Pangilinan, 21-19, 21-2 in the Women’s Singles.

Tahiti’s fourth straight win came in the Men’s Doubles with Remi Rossi and Kyliam Scilloux triumphing over the NMI’s Galvez and Jordan Pangilinan, 21-12, 21-7.

In the final Women’s Doubles match, NMI’s Janelle Pangilinan and Jenine Savellano gave it their all to extend the match to three sets, but they were outlasted by Tahiti’s Jessica Lesourd and Mi You, 21-8, 19-21, 21-19.

NMI vs Solomons

On Tuesday, June 21, the NMI bounced back with a 5-0 sweep of the Solomon Islands.

The NMI’s Galvez and Fernandez started the run with a convincing victory in the Mixed Doubles against the Solomon Islands’ Joseph Matiota and Norah Meke, 21-7, 21-10.

The Solomon Islands’ Jeffrey Kalia tried to kill the NMI momentum in the Men’s Singles. However, the NMI’s Leonard Manuel stayed on his toes long enough to clinch both sets, 21-15, 21-13 and keep the NMI fire burning.

Janelle Pangilinan then collected the NMI’s third win by defeating Elizabeth Meke, 21-10, 21-6 while the last two NMI wins were earned in the Men’s and Women’s Doubles by Ezekiel Macario and Jordan Pangilinan (21-8, 21-11) along with Fernandez and Savellano (21-12, 21-4).

NMI vs Wallis & Futuna

Against Wallis & Futuna, however, the NMI fell short, 2-3.

The NMI’s Pangilinan and Savellano triumphed over Malia Takasi and Endrina Nau in the Women’s Doubles, 21-18, 26-24, while the NMI’s Galvez and Pangilinan’s vanquished Damien Coffin and Corentin Likiliki in the Men’s Doubles, 21-14, 21-19.

However, in the solo matchups, Wallis & Futuna’s Takasi trounced Pangilinan in the Women’s Singles, 21-16, 21-12 while Julien Dauptain outplayed Galvez in the Men’s Singles, 21-11, 21-19.

In the decisive Mixed Doubles match, Wallis & Futuna secured the overall victory after Dauptain and Leilana Likuvalu edged the NMI’s Nathan Guerrero and Jenine Savellano, 21-11, 17-21, 21-18.

For the NMI’s Janelle Pangilinan, just being able to play in a regional competition was an accomplishment in itself.

“The NMI doesn’t have a lot of top-level women players, but we played against Tahiti and it was a good and tough match. We did the best we could, and hopefully we can play with them again, ”Pangilinan said.

“The first day was exciting,” she added. “It was a really different feeling compared to our regular local tournaments, and I would definitely wish it could always be like this. Never stop playing the game that you love. “


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