Nintendo Switch Sports badminton tips

Nintendo Switch Sports badminton provides players with a new athletic experience never before seen in the Wii Sports series. Although it might seem similar to tennis on the surface, it has several unique intricacies that won’t necessarily transfer over from tennis. As a result, here are five tips players can use to take their game to the next level in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton Tips: Timing, Positioning, And Falling

Sportsmates move on their own toward the shuttlecock in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton, meaning players primarily need to focus on the types of shots they use. However, players still need to keep a close eye on the positioning of their characters, as it will impact the timing of their swings.

If the player swings their Joy-Con too slowly when trying to hit the shuttlecock, it could result in a wobbly shot that the opponent will have an easy time returning. In addition, if the player is too far away from the shuttlecock when they swing their Joy-Con, it could cause their character to trip and fall.

Even if the character successfully returns the shuttlecock after falling, their opponent will have an easy time scoring while they are stuck on the ground. As a result, players should delay their swing as long as possible if their character is a long way from the shuttlecock to prevent them from falling. Thankfully, the shuttlecock is floaty and will stall in the air for a long time before touching the ground, giving players some leeway in timing their swings.

Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton Tips: How To Smash

A smash in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton.

Although a normal swing in Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton just involves swinging the Joy-Con left or right, swinging it downward will result in a smash. Smashes are faster than typical swings and send the ball at a downward angle rather than an upward one.

In addition, timing a swing for right when the shuttlecock is at its apex will result in a super smash. Not only are super smashes the fastest kind of hit, but they also increase in speed if performed consecutively. Therefore, players should find great success if they can string together multiple rapid smashes.

Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton Tips: How To Drop Shot

Instructions for how to drop shot in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton.

Alongside these regular swing types, there is an advanced technique in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton called the drop shot. To perform a drop shot, the player needs to press ZR or ZL (depending on which Joy-Con they are using) while performing a slight downward swing.

Unlike high-speed, powerful smashes, drop shots are weaker hits that barely cross over the net. However, they can be instrumental in securing points if the opponent is playing near the back of the court, as they will have a hard time reaching the shuttlecock without falling over.

Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton Tips: Drop Serves

A normal serve in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton simply requires the player to swing upward at the start of a rally. However, these typical serves are fairly slow and can give the opponent an easy return and the chance to set the pace of the match.

Conversely, pressing ZR or ZL while serving will result in a drop serve. Like a normal drop shot, a drop will serve land just past the net, which may cause the opponent to return a wobbly shot. This, in turn, gives the player an easy return and allows them to set the pace of the match instead of their opponent.

Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton Tips: Controlling The Court

The victory screen in Nintendo Switch Sports badminton.

Incorporating all of the techniques in Nintendo Switch Sports Badminton into a cohesive strategy will allow players to take control of the court, forcing the opponent to play their game. For example, forcing opponents toward the back using repeated smashes will then allow for an easy point with a drop shot.

Likewise, rallying with a few drop shots will keep the opponent close to the net, allowing the player to smash the shuttlecock past their head for a point. By mixing up between various types of swings, players will be able to dictate the flow of the match, setting them up for success in the Nintendo Switch Sports Pro League.

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