Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Ethan Heck, West De Pere basketball, baseball and golf

By William Soquet

Contributing Writer

Name: Ethan Heck

Parents: Rick and Angie Heck

Activities: Basketball, baseball and golf

Twitter: @ethanheck12

Ethan is seemingly everywhere for the Phantoms. He is averaging just under 19 points per game on the basketball court, and was a member of the varsity golf team in 2021 and ’22. Additionally, he will be entering his first high school baseball season this spring.

The Phantoms had a game against a tough Bay Port team on Jan. 14. How did it go?

Ethan Heck

“It went pretty well from our point of view. We wound up losing by 22 or something like that, but we found a lot of good things as a team that we can really build upon as the season is starting to unravel. There were moments that as a team we were all together and connected, and I feel like if we continue to build on those specific moments. We can be pretty tough in the future.”

What can you personally do to help build team chemistry?

“The main thing is really just being engaged for us. It’s making sure everybody is committed and willing to put in the work that they need to do. It’s just leading by example. We don’t want to be over the top, getting too serious, but just leading by example and showing them this is the way we do things — that will help us a lot.”

You’re closing in on 1,000 career points. Is that something you’re chasing or not?

“It’s definitely been something I’ve been chasing for my four years on varsity. Coming in as a freshman, I knew that there was the chance that I would have the potential that I would have the chance to hit it, but now it’s becoming a reality and I’m really looking forward to it.”

What’s your favorite way to get a basket?

“I like getting to the rim as much as I can. I don’t do it very often, but I think that’s my favorite way to score, just because I don’t do it as often as other people. Other than that, it’s definitely from the perimeter, from the outside.”

You accepted a Scholarship offer from Michigan Tech. What made you choose them?

“First thing is just the campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful, I love it up there. Academic wise, it fits my major perfectly. Basketball wise, the program they have up there and the style of play that they run, fits what I’ve been taught growing up. So it was just a perfect fit.”

The Huskies have a few Green Bay-area players on their roster. Did that affect your decision?

“A little bit because some of the times that I would go up there I would get to see those guys, and the familiar faces always helped. But in the end, it was where I felt the most comfortable and the most wanted.”

You’re playing both baseball and golf this spring. What’s the balance going to be like?

“It’s entirely new to me. In the past springs and summers, I’ve had AAU basketball, so I haven’t been able to play baseball at all. Since I don’t have any AAU this year, I figured, why not try and see if I can play a little bit of baseball and golf? So for the most part, it’s just going to be me pitching for baseball, because it will still allow me to make all my golf requirements that I have to. I’ve been on the golf team for the past three years. It’s going to be challenging, there might be some days where I’m traveling right from a golf meet to a baseball game.”

Your individual score directly adds into the team score in golf. How do you think about that?

“It’s just more of a mental game for me, knowing that I just have to play how I play and not worry about what my other teammates are doing because I know that they’ll do the best they can. It’s just staying true to my game. You’re playing with other guys who play differently with you, may take other lines on the golf course than you, it’s playing to your strengths. That feeling of the individual sport really takes a toll on your mind, but it’s a cool thing.”

What is your favorite golf course to play a round on?

“It has to be Green Bay Country Club. We’ve played meets there every year, and I really like the course. It’s in super great condition, and it always has been.”

Where is your favorite place to go out to eat after a game or meet?

“The favorite team spot is definitely Plank Road Pub & Grill.”

What shows are you bingeing right now?

“I don’t binge anything, but I do love to watch movies on Netflix or Disney+ if I have a couple hours here or there, I’ve always really enjoyed that.”

What music artists are at the top of your playlist?

“Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen and Scotty McCreery right now.”

What is your stance on breakfast?

“I believe in breakfast 100% of the time. My favorite breakfast food would for sure be eggs, I like to have them in the morning if I have time. They fill me up and I get a good feeling to start my day.”

How do you prepare your eggs?

“Mostly scrambled, but sometimes over-easy.”

Do you have any pets?

“I have a dog. It’s a Bernadoodle — it’s a Burmese mountain dog and a poodle mix. Her name is Sammy.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“For me, it’s really just being present with people, my friends and family. I just enjoy spending time with them because its almost the end of our senior year, so everybody’s going to be moving in their own directions pretty soon. The most time you can get with them is important to me.”

Where’s one of the favorite places you’ve traveled to?

“We’ve traveled a lot, and my whole family likes to travel, so that makes it even better. My favorite place we’ve been to is Destin, Fla.”

What kind of academic interests do you have?

“My favorite subject at high school right now is physics. I’m majoring in engineering at Michigan Tech, so it’s a perfect fit.”

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